EncodeHD is a an application to re-encode all types of video files for use on your home media player or on-the-go device. It aims to provide a simple interface with no fuss, and give you the best speed possible without compromising on quality.
Visual Basic
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Just a few notes about the source to start with. It was built in Visual Studio 2010 beta 1 so it’s likely a requirement in order to open.

The binaries for EncodeHD are not included and should be taken from the latest build found here: http://dcunningham.net/encodehd

The required binaries are:

- ffmpeg.exe – http://ffmpeg.arrozcru.org/autobuilds

- MP4Box.dll – http://gpac.sourceforge.net
- js32.dll

- MediaInfo.dll – http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net

- AtomicParsley.Exe – http://atomicparsley.sourceforge.net
- zlib1.dll

- SnarlConnector.dll – http://www.fullphat.net/