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Commits on Jan 1, 2010
  1. Added More Command-Line Functionality:

    This is something I wanted to do so that I could fully automate a somewhat simple encode using command line.
    New Command-Line Parameters Added:
    /H264:[Y/N] - Checks/Unchecks H264 Encoding Setting, Ex. "/H264:Y".
    /SPLIT:[Y/N] - Checks/Unchecks Split Video Setting, Ex. "/SPLIT:Y"
    /TV:[Y/N] - Checks/Unchecks For TV Setting, Ex. "/TV:N"
    /AC3:[Y/N] - Checks/Unchecks AC3 Pass-through Setting, Ex. "/AC3:Y"
    /CD:[1-23] - Sets the Conversion Device to Number Specified, Ex. "/CD:21"(Xbox 360)
    The conversion device numbers are based on the combo box indexes.
    committed Jan 1, 2010
Commits on Oct 20, 2009
  1. Removed some unneccesary code

    Signed-off-by: Dan Cunningham <>
    sintaxasn committed Oct 20, 2009
Commits on Oct 1, 2009
  1. Removed unnecessary files

    sintaxasn committed Oct 1, 2009
Commits on Sep 29, 2009
  1. first commit

    sintaxasn committed Sep 29, 2009