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Static public IP and open ports are essential!
1. Run terminal/console
2. Paste
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
chmod +x Kraken-qt
(change permission of file, in this example path to file is ~/Krakent-qt)
sudo apt-get install qt5-default qt5-qmake qtbase5-dev-tools build-essential qttools5-dev-tools:i386 libboost-dev:i386 libboost-system-dev:i386 libboost-filesystem-dev:i386 libboost-program-options-dev:i386 libboost-thread-dev:i386 libssl-dev:i386 libdb++-dev:i386 libminiupnpc-dev:i386
1.Run wallet for the first time using command ./Kraken-qt
2.In the lower left hand corner of the User Interface, you will see “Synchronizing with network” and other sync messages each time you open your Kraken Wallet. If there is a problem synchronizing, it may say “No Block Source Available” instead. If this happens, just close and re-open the wallet until it synchronizes.
3.Go to Help -> Debug Console.
4.In the Console window enter getaccountaddress 0 and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE DEPOSIT ADDRESS, where you will deposit the coins to create a masternode. Pay 2500 KC exactly into this address. No more, no less.
(Wait for the 1st confirmation of the transaction)
5.In the Console Debug window enter "masternode genkey" and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE PRIVKEY.
6.Edit config file Kraken.conf which is located in hidden folder ~/.Kraken. Then paste in the following:
masternodeprivkey= (MASTERNODE PRIVKEY)
8.Now save and close the config file.
9.Close the wallet by going to File -> Exit.
Run Kraken-qt again.
10. Wait for 15 confirmations of the transaction of 2500 coins.
Go to Tools -> Debug Console. Enter masternode start. You will see the response “Masternode started successfully”. Congratulations, your masternode is now running.
Now click the Masternodes tab that is now visible. You should see your new masternode appear in the list with the status PRE_ENABLE.
This will change to ENABLED after a small amount of time. All masternodes need to be active for a certain amount of blocks before they are recognized by the network and eligible for rewards.