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- 2500 KC for every masternode
- white static IP with open ports for masternodes
1.Open and Run the Kraken-qt.exe wallet for the first time.
2.Your firewall and antivirus might pop up to allow connection. Please allow the connections by making appropriate tick marks.
3.In the lower left hand corner of the User Interface, you will see “Synchronizing with network” and other sync messages each time you open your Kraken Wallet. If there is a problem synchronizing, it may say “No Block Source Available” instead. If this happens, just close and re-open the wallet until it synchronizes.
STEP 1 : Preparing masternodes
1 - Choose the place where you will hold your masternodes dirs (you need 1Gb free space for every masternode)
2 - Create folder "KrakenMN1" there (example in C: drive)
3 - Copy file "Kraken-qt.exe" in folder "KrakenMN1"
4 - Create in folder "KrakenMN1" new folder "data"
Main Kraken folder is located at C:/users/***Your windows username***/appdata(hidden)/roaming/Kraken
5 - Copy file "blk0001.dat" and folder "txleveldb" from the above folder into the created folder "KrakenMN1/data"
6 - Rename "Kraken-qt.exe" to the "Kraken-mn1.exe"
7 - Press Win+R and type "cmd" and press Enter
8 - Now type there:
echo start Kraken-mn1.exe -datadir=./data > %homepath%/Desktop/startmn1.cmd
9 - Move file "startmn1.cmd" from Desktop to the "KrakenMN1" folder
10 - Repeat the process from step 2 for each masternode you want to created, with changing mn1 to mn2, mn3
11 - Run startmn1.cmd, startmn2.cmd and startmn3.cmd, wait for complete loading wallets and complete syncing with blockchain
Now you can follow the same steps of single masternode guide foe each multiply masternode (KrakenMN1, KrakenMN2, KrakenMN3)
1.Go to Help -> Debug Console.
2.In the Console window enter getaccountaddress MN1 and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE DEPOSIT ADDRESS, where you will deposit the coins to create a masternode. Pay 2500 KC exactly into this address. No more, no less.
-·Wait for the 1 confirmation of the transaction.
3.In the Console Debug window enter masternode genkey and copy the result. This is your MASTERNODE PRIVKEY.
4.Open Configuration File (Kraken.conf) in Notepad. This config file is located at KrakenMN1/data . Then paste in the following.
port=14117 (for second and third MNs ports have to be different, for example 14118 and 14119)
5.Now save and close the config file.
6.Close the wallet by going to File -> Exit.
Open the Kraken Wallet again by running startmn1.cmd. This is how you will always start the wallet going forward.
7. Wait for 15 confirmations of the transaction of 2500 coins.
Go to Tools -> Debug Console. Enter "masternode start" in all the wallet's consoles. You will see the response “Masternode started successfully”. Congratulations, your masternode is now running.
All masternodes need to be active for a certain amount of blocks before they are recognized by the network and eligible for rewards.
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