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Wireguard operator
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This project aim to dynamically reconfigure wireguard on the fly for the cluster nodes.


See /deploy folder. Apply CRDs, that is under /deploy/crds. Example servers/clients are under /deploy/servers and /deploy/clients. Recommended deployment is also provided under /deploy


  • Basic client-server VPN paradigm
  • Implement IPtables masqerading for out of VPN IPs --> use preUp/postDown for now, and wg-quick or wg-quick-go to run them at system boot.
  • Highly scalable for clients (i.e. supporting 1000+ clients with minimal resource usage on client side). For mostly static topologies this should be quite performant.
    • update coalescing --> implemented via 200ms coalescing time window
    • error exponential backoff --> Not implemented, on error we retry every 5 seconds
    • client query only myself --> partially implemeted, informer cache is fetching all client changes, but update is triggered only for myself
  • Implement per server interface for clients -- allows custom routing to operate on top of wireguard (e.g. OSPF/BGP)
  • Medium dynamic network topology changes, wireguard setting & nodes won't change too often
  • Unit test coverage + CI for config generation
  • End2end test within CI
  • Support key rotation
  • Have decent usage documentation


Docker images registy, automatically built via CI pipeline

It's located at:

Per tag images:




Per branch images:



Bare metal deployment

There's ansible role in the deploy/role with example playbook in deploy/playbook.yml

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