Racket Implementation of Data-flow Analyses
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Dataflow Analysis

A Racket implementation of traditional dataflow analyses for an imperative language TIP.

Target: the TIP Language

These analyses are targeted for S-Expression based TIP language. The syntax is largely extracted from the great lecture notes Static Program Analysis[1].

An Example

{while {> 5 x}
  {{if {== x 3}
       {:= x 4}
       {:= x 5}}
   {:= x {- x 1}}}}

File Descriptions

  • parser.rkt functions that parse s-exp based TIP to abstract syntax tree (AST).
  • ast.rkt the abstract syntax tree structure definitions.
  • cfg.rkt contrlo flow graph (CFG) structure definitions; CFG is transformed from AST.
  • dfa.rkt chaotic iteration framework and algorithm, which operates on CFG.
  • reaching-def.rkt reaching definition analysis.
  • very-busy.rkt very busy expressions analysis.
  • available-expr.rkt available expressions analysis.
  • live-var.rkt live variables analysis.

See test cases in each files.


  • SSA-based analysis
  • Pointer analysis


[1] Static Program Analysis