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NES-ONLINE Game-Auto-Injector Mod

noga_3 5

  • You need the NvnTexpkg.package
  • Extract NvnTexpkg.package into the same folder like NES-ONLINE Game-Auto-Injector
  • You have to create two images (PNG / JPG or TGA32bit), once witch a size of 400x300 and another in the size of 355x512 (use Photoshop or whatever you want)
  • Also, you need your "lclassics.titlesdb" file


  • Sort Title = "Sort of the game"
  • Publisher = "Publisher of the game"
  • Game Code (Old Format) = "unique 5 letters combination between AAAAA and ZZZZZ (like "ABCDE")
  • Game Code (New Format) = "unique 5 letters combination between NxxxE and NxxxE (like "NABCE")
  • Copyright = "Copyright holder of the game"
  • Game Title = "Title of the Game"
  • Overscan = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
  • Simultanus ="true or false"
  • Fade In = "only 1 number between 0 and 9 per box"
  • Volume = "a number between 0 and 99"

Output folder: (NESONLINEGameAutoInjectorMod).path/NES_ONLINE_MOD


Version 1.4.0M (New Era)

  • Complete Tool UI redesign now the tool has 2 Tabs one for files and other for values
  • Fixes issues with Numeric inputs , now should be no devide by 1 or 2 happening
  • included 2 Image templates 1 for Backgroud and 2 for ScreenShot Both PSD/PNG files present, See "Image Templates" folder in Last Release
  • anhanced the user exprience !!!

Version 1.3M (The Myth)

  • Fixed Output Directory Name, Dosn't Show GameCode Anymore in Game directory Name
  • Fixed Wrong GameCode Output inside the GameDir which Caused freezes in Nes Online when Starting the game
  • Now New Format is set By Default
  • Forced the Game Dir Name to UpperCase
  • Added Screnenshot Preview
  • Added Numeric input for the Volume since I forgot about it last time
  • Minor UI Changes and Untility improvement
  • Added New Format Game Code Check, Utility won't let you to inject the Newformat if Game code isn't NxxxE
  • Added Game Code Fix Pattern to make sure the Game code is correct for new format
  • Added Player Count + Release Date and lcla6 input support. This is only for the new format US/EU as of now
  • Minor Bug fixes and skipped to Version 1.2

Version 1.1M (The Insomnia 1.1M)

  • Changed from text input fields to numeric input for numbers

Version 1.0M (The Insomnia)

  • Added new/old format support which can be chosen from the dropdown menu
  • Minor UI modifications
  • Auto-fill support added, some fields gets filled automatically now
  • GameTitle| Generated from the opened ROM name
  • GameCode | Generated random code using the ROM file's name characters; the other fields are already filled
  • Generate the normal game dirictory, this is the name from game's title
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