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This is a WIP background-audio-player as a custom Boot2 sysmodule for the Nintendo Switch.


this is developed for Atmosphere/Kosmos , Not tested on other CFW

  1. Compiled Module Goes to /atmosphere/titles/4200000000000000/exefs.nsp
  2. flag the Mudule activated by making blank file /atmosphere/titles/4200000000000000/flags/boot2.flag
  3. add your songs (MP3 ONLY) to /music Directory on Root of your Sd Card
  4. enable the module nor by restart console, or using latest Kosmos ToolBox.


  1. Music will start playing as soon as the module is Activated
  2. this is a beta version and the songs repeat 100 times by default / for future Repeat song Implementation !!!
  3. right now it just plays all the mp3s in the /music folder of your sdcard once the switch boots.

Usage/Cotrols: Beta:

Repeat = Hold ( - ) + ( Y ) Play/Pause = Hold ( - ) + ( X )


It is partially based on nx-dreport at the start and uses some code from ctrmus.

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