An API to get short summaries of key features of crypto currencies
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Crypto Summaries

If you automate crypto currency trading, and send out reports, you might want a summary of what a coin does, is it a coin that's for advertising? Gaming? Paying coffee?

This project tries to provide the simplest possible API to get a summary of a coin. Ideally this would be integrated in coinmarketcap, but unfortunately that's not the case right now.

Check out for a list of the available summaries.

State of the project

This is a super early version of what this might look like, of course there is not a ton of content here yet. Feel free to check out the existing, supported coins on and contribute more on GitHub directly.

How to use the API

Access the summary of Bitcoin:

Alternatively you can also use the name of the coin instead of symbol

Note that the name/symbol always has to be lower case.

Access the summary of Ethereum

Same thing, e.g.

How does it work?

There is a reference folder called ./reference, that contains the summary for x sentences for each currency. Those will be copied over to the public facing coins directory with different names, to make the API as flexible as possible.

Check out the ./reference directory, you can use the official symbol with the number of sentences ([symbol]-[sentences].txt) and store the summary in there. Next time the script runs, it will be applied to all the public facing .txt files.

If you want to help, check out ./missing_summaries.txt for the currencies for which there is no summary available at all.

How can I contribute?

Important: Please only manually modify the files in the ./reference directory, not the ones in coins, as those are the auto-generated ones.

You can use the GitHub UI to instantly edit the description without any coding skills:

  • Press t
  • Enter reference/[coin_name]-[lines].txt
  • Press enter
  • Press e
  • Edit the content and hit the Commit changes button at the bottom of the page

Re-generate the files

  • Make sure to run bundle install to install all dependencies
  • Run bundle exec rake generate
  • Commit & push the changes