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bundle install


bundle exec ruby server.rb


bundle exec rake telegram

Environment variables

# Telegram

# The Instagram session ID
export SESSIONID=""
export DS_USER_ID=""
export USER_TO_WATCH="4409072"

# Others
export DATABASE_URL="postgresql://felixkrause@localhost/instapipe"
export GC_PROJECT_ID=""
export GC_BUCKET_NAME=""
export GC_KEYS=""

GC_KEYS can either be an environment variable, or you can pass the Google Cloud credentials by having a gc_keys.json file in the root directory of the project

Instagram keys

I use a "bot" account for the session, to ensure my main Instagram account doesn't get blocked, as this account is probably against the terms of services (just like the lack of real-time API is against GDPR IMO). Use at your own risk

To get the Instagram specific environment variables, access with your secondary account, and use a man-in-the-middle proxy like Charles or Proxyman to fetch the cookies (or your browser), look for the

  • ds_user_id
  • sessionid

Generating the widget

bundle exec ruby generate_widget.rb

This will generate instapipe.html, a single file containing all the "dependencies" needed

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