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Unfollow everybody on Twitter
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My goal for the next months is to spend less time on social media and more time creating. Instead of reacting to things, I want to focus on having a bigger vision, planning things ahead and doing what has the highest impact.

I've been reading every single tweet in my timeline for the last 4 years with no interruption.

In total I have over 100 custom mute filters, including custom regexes like (@United|delta|Delta|JetBlue|jetblue)), and muted clients like Buffer

It's time for me to stop reading so much on social media portals, and focus on reading books instead.

I'll still follow a small amount of people via Twitter lists, since there are certain things I really don't want to miss


View full blog post on my Twitter setup

This script does the following:

  • Unfollow everybody
  • Puts them into a list called "Old Follows"
  • Store the usernames of everyone in unfollowed_usernames.txt (this allows you to pretty easily follow everyone again when you feel like it)
  • Store the usernames, together with full name and bio into unfollowed_full_names.txt (this allows you to search for users)
bundle install
bundle exec ruby unfollow.rb


  • Make sure to have DMs open to still be able to chat with your friends.
  • Use a list to follow a small subset of people. This way you follow 0 people and nobody feels left out. The list can be private.
  • Make sure to create a list called "Old Follows"

Technical Notes

  • Create your application via Twitter Apps
  • Set the following environment variables
  • Due to the API limits this script can only unfollow about 420 people per run. You'll need to regenerate keys after this 🤷‍♀️

View full blog post on my Twitter setup

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