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Welcome to the Muon Wiki!

Muon is a client-server web framework makes application development process consequent, flexible, simple and fun.


Documentation consists of several parts:

  • Intro - project description, goals and installation.
  • Architecture - base concepts of Muon framework.
  • Client - information about client code organisation: widget creation, browser page composing, client-side routing and data management.
  • Server - describes basic rules of API-server organisation and shared data management.
  • Interplay - describes Muon components responsible for maintenance of your application as a whole web service and helps you to control its workflow.
  • Service tools - discussing everything that not directly connected with your application goals, but helps you make development process more smooth.
  • Contributors section - one of the most important part of documentation. I hope those of you who are interested in this project will help us to make it much more powerful and finally conquer the world!


Before you try framework in action, it would be a good idea to learn a bit some libs which the library is based on

  • Backbone - is the most important client dependency of Muon. Although it has a lot of changes and tweaks within Muon code, most of concepts, ideas and instruments are transparently borrowed from it.
  • jQuery - guess is the most widely known javascript DOM library - is tightly utilized as dependency of Backbone and henсe Muon library.
  • Node-ORM - is the base library that carries out data (models) manipulation on the server side. In comparision with other ORMs it has wide databases support and pretty fair documentation.
  • Q-Promises - Q library is not mandatory to write your server code (on client side Muon uses jQuery.Deferred analog). It just will help you write much less code and make code much more straight.


Muon is released under the MIT License.


For all questions about framework and code contribution you can write on muon.ent@gmail.com