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Iwn adaptation for Intel Centrino N 2230
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Iwn adaptation for Intel Centrino N 2230 You will need at least :

  • Freebsd 9.1
  • /head/sys/net80211 from FreeBSD repo

Activating debug is done by : sysctl dev.iwn.0.debug=0xffffffff

Branch information : -Master : Current work, consider this as experimental

-LKGV : Last Known Good Version, nearly stable version See RESULTS.TXT for known problems and tested NIC Use head_patch bring your FreeBSD -HEAD version to this version

-split_x : Branches used during FreeBSD 10 Freeze. Should be used only for freebsd-wireless mailing list. Use head_split_x.patch bring your FreeBSD -HEAD version to version of branch Architecture code changes will be bring back to LKGV Branch when commited in FreeBSD Repo

-svn_merge : Obsolete

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