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A simple jQuery form observer and watcher

Getting Started

Put a script tag into the head of your website to load formWiz:

<script src="./dist/js/formWiz.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Insert the data-formwiz-input tags into your form to activate data-binding:

<form id="form">
	<div class="p-wrap">
		<label class="ui-input-group">
			<div class="ui-input-label ui-input-label-clickable">Username</div>
			<input type="text" name="login" class="ui-input" data-formwiz-input />
	<div class="p-wrap">
		<label class="ui-input-group">
			<div class="ui-input-label ui-input-label-clickable">Password</div>
			<input type="password" name="pw" class="ui-input" data-formwiz-input />
	<div class="p-wrap submitrow">
		<button name="submit" class="ui-button">Submit</button>

And as the final step initiate the form wizard:

var $form = new formWiz('#form');				// Select the form with standard jQuery selectors

$'login', function($value, $element) {		// Watch a form field, runs from the keyup- and change-event, you can only define one callback function for now
	console.log($value, $element);
	// Execute some custom code if the value changes

$form.submit = function() {					// Add a submit function (is run from the submit-event of the form)
	$form.enabled = false;					// Disable form submition (disables the submit-event of the form)
	// Some exciting code snippets for AJAX or what not
	if(your_defined_error) {
		$form.enabled = true;				// Enable the form submission, if something needs to be corrected in the form for resubmission

$form.login = 'An other User';					// You can also chage the fields from the script, the watcher will be notifieds and run

To be done

  • implement radio boxes
  • implement select
  • watch future elements
  • add simple data bindings
  • chain watchers



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


  • jQuery Library widely used