Tool(s) for reading information from Geocaching Wherigo Cartridge (.gwc files)
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Tools for reading informations from Geocaching WherigoTM Cartridge (.gwc files)


This tool is like "unzip" but for a .gwc file : a directory cartridgeFilename_files/ containing lua byte-code, lua source code, media files (jpg, mp3, ...) and a text file with header informations will be created.

Usage :

php wherigoreader.php cartridgeFilename.gwc


This tool help you find an answer that will be accepted by a wherigo created with Urwhigo. Instead of testing your answer directly, the lua code test a hash of the answer. So, if you find another answer with the same hash, .. the answer is considered correct ! Considering that the hash is only 16 bits long, it's quick and easy to find collisions. You will find the hash_to_find in the lua source code.

Usage :

php finduanswer.php hash_to_find [length_of_collision]

(length_of_collision must be at least 4 characters length)

(You need at least PHP 5.5)


When using Urwhigo, all strings in the generated lua source code are obfuscated. This tool will read a lua source code and output the same source code with additionnal comment line giving you the readable version of each string.

Usage :

php readustring.php lua_source_code > lua_source_code_with_decrypted_string

⚠️ Wherigo is a registered trademark of Groundspeak Inc. The Wherigo design, platform, and associated intellectual property are also owned by Groundspeak Inc.