Metrics + Hyperic Sigar for OS-level monitoring
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Metrics Sigar Integration

A system monitoring library that combines the all-round awesomeness of Metrics with the handy native-ness of Hyperic Sigar. Provides various metrics about a JVM process and the system on which it is running.


Version 0.1.x is compatible with Metrics 2.x.

Version 0.2.x is compatible with Metrics 3.x.


Currently the following data can be collected:

  • CPU (equivalent to /proc/cpuinfo)
    • Number of physical CPUs, total number of cores
    • Per-core load ratios:
      • Ratio of time spent in userland
      • Ratio of time spent in kernel
      • Ratio of time spent running 'nice' tasks
      • Ratio of time spent waiting for I/O
      • Ratio of time spent idle
      • Ratio of time spent servicing interrupts
  • Memory (equivalent to free command)
    • RAM size in MB
    • Main memory total, used, free (KB), used %, free %
    • Main memory 'actual' used, free (the "+/- buffers/cache" row in the Linux free command)
    • Swap memory total, used, free
    • Pages swapped in, out
  • Filesystems/disk usage (equivalent to df command)
    • Device name, mount point, FS type, free space and total size of all mounted filesystems
  • Resource limits (equivalent to ulimit command)
    • Core file size
    • Data segment size
    • File size
    • Pipe size
    • Memory size
    • Open files
    • Stack size
    • CPU time
    • User processes
    • Virtual memory
  • JVM process
    • pid


  1. Add a dependency on metrics-sigar to your project:

  2. Download the Sigar native libraries.

    • If downloading manually, download the Sigar binary package from SourceForge here. This package includes libs for most OSes and architectures.

    • If you want to automate it in your build script, add the following dependency to your project and add a task to unzip the jar. (Note: This jar only contains libs for Linux x86/x64, Solaris x64 and OS X x64)

  3. Make sure Sigar can find its native libs at runtime. Either:

    • Ensure the libs are in the same directory as sigar.jar, or
    • Set the system property -Dorg.hyperic.sigar.path=<directory containing native libs>
  4. You're ready to use metrics-sigar!

    • Use the SigarMetrics singleton object directly for detailed data:

        SigarMetrics sm = SigarMetrics.getInstance();
    • Optionally expose the most useful data as Metrics Gauges:


See the app in the /sample directory for an example.


This module makes use of Hyperic Sigar (Github link) under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


  • Port more of the Sigar API
  • Sigar seems to consistently give an incorrect value for the number of CPUs. Try to find a workaround.


Sigar has a few wrinkles and may return crazy values for some metrics, depending on your platform. Still, hopefully better than nothing! Issues and pull requests welcome.