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Kribo plugins


After you have installed Kribo. You can install any plugins you like.

Eventually all that matters is that it is require_once included from your Kribo ./LocalConfig.php file. Here is the easiest way to do it if you're using plugins from this repository

  1. Browse to the directory where you manage your bot(s). This would be the parent directory of where you have installed Kribo.
    cd ~/bots
  2. Check out the Kribo-plugins repository
    git clone
  3. Let's install wmfDbBot_KriboBridge as example
  4. Browse to the plugins directory of your Kribo install:
    cd Kribo/plugins
  5. Create a symlink from the directory in the plugins repository to here:
    ln -s ../../Kribo-plugins/wmfDbBot_KriboBridge wmfDbBot_KriboBridge
  6. Now edit your Kribo's ./LocalConfig.php file and add:
    require_once( $KriboDir . '/plugins/wmfDbBot_KriboBridge/wmfDbBot_KriboBridge.php' );