Semi-automated bot for migrating on-wiki JavaScript.
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Quick start

Install the npm package:

npm install -g mw-tool-tourbot

To start the interactive process, run the tourbot program. Pass parameters like tourbot --file path/to/results.txt.


  • --file FILE: File that contains a list of pages to process. Default: results.txt
  • --all: Enable interactive mode for all page names, even without matches.
  • --contains TEXT: Limit the all iteration to pages that currently contain the given text.
  • --match TEXT: Similar to the contains parameter, but interpreted as a regular expression.
  • --auto: Enable remembering of decisions and re-apply them automatically to similar diffs. Default: off.
  • --quick-skip: Skip files with script errors without an interactive prompt. Default: off.
  • --help: Show the help page, instead of running the tourbot.


The input file must contain pairs of (wiki dbname, page name) in the same format as used by mwgrep.

Public results.

$ curl -O -L ' -a -c 'mwCustomEditButtons'

$ tourbot -f mwgrep.mwCustomEditButtons.txt

 Reading /Users/krinkle/Downloads/mwgrep.mwCustomEditButtons.txt



Install from Git:

git clone

Manually run npm install. To start the interactive process, run ./bin/tourbot.js. Pass parameters like ./bin/tourbot.js -- --file path/to/results.txt.

Alternatively, run npm link to create a global symlink for tourbot.

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