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⚠️ new version available

Please check the new version: nanoPhotosProvider2

extension for nanoGALLERY

Publish your self-hosted photos simply and automatically to nanoGALLERY.
Content is provided on demand when browsing the albums of the gallery.
Generates thumbnails automatically.

To be used as an add-on for nanoGALLERY (


1️⃣ Step 1: installation

On your webserver:

  • create a folder named nanoPhotosProvider where you want to store your photos
  • in this folder:
    • copy the files:
      • nanoPhotosProvider.php,
      • nanoPhotosProvider.class.php,
      • nanoPhotosProvider.cfg and
      • nanoPhotosProvider.Encoding.php
    • create a folder named nanoPhotosContent
      • copy your photos here
      • you can organize your photos in folders (= albums)
      • in the filenames, you can separate title and description with $$
      • add leading @@@@@ to the filename of the images to be used as album covers
    • edit the nanoPhotosProvider.cfg file for custom settings

2️⃣ Step 2: configure your HTML page
  • The page can be located anywhere on your webserver.
  • Install nanoGALLERY for jQuery (see
  • Configure the call to the plugin:
    • Use the specific parameters: kind and jsonProvider
      • kind: set value to 'json'
      • jsonProvider: URL to the nanoPhotosProvider.php file installed in step 1


    jQuery(document).ready(function () {
        thumbnailWidth: 150,
        thumbnailHeight: 150,
        kind: 'json',
        jsonProvider: '',
        locationHash: false

3️⃣ Step 3: test your page to see the result ;-)

4️⃣ Step 4: add/change content

Add files and folders, or renaname them. Please note that the generated thumbnails are never purged, so you may delete the _thumbnails folders to force a new generation.

Custom configuration

Custom settings are defined in nanoPhotosProvider.cfg

Section Option default value Description
config fileExtensions "jpg|jpeg|png|gif" Supported file extensions
contentFolder "/nanoPhotosContent" Folder where albums and images are stored
sortOrder "asc" Filename sort ordr
titleDescSeparator "$$" Separator between title and description in the name of the file
albumBlackListDetector "!!!!!" Ignore albums (folders) containing this sequence in their name
imageBlackListDetector "_hidden" Ignore images containing this sequence in their name
albumCoverDetector "@@@@@" Leading sequence in the filename of the image to be used as an album cover
thumbnailSizes ⚠️ after changing any of these values you may need to manually clear the _thumbnails folders
width 150 Thumbnail width in pixels (note: the value must match the value of thumbnailWidth in your nanoGALLERY)
height 150 Thumbnail height in pixels (note: the value must match the value of thumbnailHeight in your nanoGALLERY)
crop false Crop images to avoid black borders

### Supported image formats JPEG, GIF and PNG.

⚠️ limitations

  • The nanoGALLERY option locationHash should not be enabled if albums have more than 2 levels.
  • multiple thumbnail resolutions are not supported.


©️ License

nanoPhotosProvider is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.
Only for personal, non-profit organizations, or open source projects (without any kind of fee), you may use nanoPhotosProvider for free.



PHP application for publishing your self-hosted photos simply and automatically to nanoGALLERY






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