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This is a puppet-graphite module.
All bugs procduced by
This module depends on
I've made the packaged versions of graphite-web, carbon and whisper.
available on
yumrepo { 'monitoringsucks':
baseurl => '',
descr => 'MonitoringSuck at Inuits',
gpgcheck => '0',
You also use your own repo
And you also need to have EPEL available e.g from
yumrepo {'epel':
baseurl => '',
descr => 'Epel Repo at Inuits',
gpgcheck => '0',
Usage :
include graphite
graphite::carbon::storage {"default_1min_for_1day":
pattern => ".*",
retentions => "60s:1d",
Note that without this define you won't have the default behaviour.
More Detailed Examples on how to use this module including a fully functional
Vagrant box can be found on
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