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🌱 A fitness app where you are able to grow plants and track your exercise
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A fitness app for iOS, Android and the Web where you are able to grow artificial plants and track your exercise progress in a simple and fun way.

fitPlant Overview

What is fitPlant?

fitPlant is an idea that is inspired by Forest. In fitPlant you will be able to log all your workouts and make a plant grow by working out. It will most likely help some people stay motivated since they want to grow their plant as much as possible.

Approximate roadmap of fitPlant

  1. Create and plan the MVP web app of fitPlant
  2. Launch web app, get feedback and integrate that feedback
  3. Start working on the MVP ios and android version
  4. Launch the MVP on the Play Store and App Store
  5. Get feedback for both and then update
  6. Start working on some cooler features

Current status of fitPlant

The MVP of fitPlant

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of fitPlant should be a fitness tracking app where you can easily add your workouts, check them out and delete them from your device and you should also be able to add new musclegroups/categories and workouts that belong to these catgories. You should also be able to grow a plant with the amount of workouts you do based on your x days per week and your x hours per workout.

Installation for iOS


Installation for Android


Installation for Web App



Open for creation

  • Plant illustrations in every growth stage (number of growth stages is also up for discussion)
  • App Icon and Logo Design
  • Which features to add
  • What is our MVP so we can submit it to the App Store, Play Store and publish our web app and what are features we can add later



MIT License

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