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Std C G1A-Wrapper v1.0
c_g1awrapper is a tiny command line tool which add the Casio's G1A file
header into a binary file, to see it as a Casio addin.
This program is a portage of the g1awrapper written by Andreas Bertheussen,
which is in C++/Qt. This one doesn't need any external library such as Qt,
so it's smaller and easier to build and port than the original g1awrapper.
Linux and other UNIX with 'make'
* Download the master branch from github (zip archive or using git)
* Execute following command into a terminal :
make all
make install
* 'make install' need super user rights (using 'sudo' for instance)
For now, there is no facilities for Windows installation.
Using mingw should work nice.
c_g1awrapper is a free software under the GNU GPL version 3 license, see the
file LICENSE for more information about it.
Léo Grange (Kristaba), contact : grangeleo(at)gmail(dot)com