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Flickr Plugin for django CMS

This is a flickr plugin for django CMS. It enables you to display Flickr images on your pages, getting them by username, group-id or tags!


  • Put it somewhere on your PYTHONPATH (with virtualenv+pip, Buildout, ...)

  • The plugin requires "Beej's Python Flickr API, get it from pypi.

  • Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:

    INSTALLED_APPS = (..., 'cmsplugin_flickr,)
  • Run python syncdb

  • Obtain a Flickr API key at Flickr.

  • Add the key and the secret to your

    FLICKR_API_KEY = 'xxxx'
    FLICKR_API_SECRET = 'xxxx'
  • Place it on a page and use it!