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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.db.models import FieldDoesNotExist
from cmsplugin_text_ng import exceptions
_registry = {}
def register_type(type_name, model_class):
from cmsplugin_text_ng.models import TextNGVariableBase
if type_name in _registry:
if _registry[type_name] == model_class:
# already registered
raise exceptions.VariableTypeAlreadyRegistered(
'The type "%s" is already registered by %s' % (type_name, _registry[type_name].__name__)
if not issubclass(model_class, TextNGVariableBase):
raise exceptions.InvalidType('%s is not a subclass of TextNGVariableBase' % model_class.__name__)
field = model_class._meta.get_field_by_name('value')[0]
except FieldDoesNotExist:
raise exceptions.InvalidType('%s does not define a "value" field' % model_class.__name__)
if not field.null:
raise exceptions.InvalidType('"value" field of %s is not nullable' % model_class.__name__)
_registry[type_name] = model_class
def get_type(type_name):
return _registry[type_name]
def get_type_list():
return _registry.values()
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