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bercab commented Aug 20, 2012

This issue has some history:
I made a pull request 4 months ago, including a input tag for making django-cms be able to get current language: cf4be06

You stated that would be better to include a tittle into the span, as a better solution to having a hidden element.

But this other solutions needs django-cms js plugin to be changed.

Just now i have seen a pull request which does the same:
Related to #69

This patch adds the title field to current span, and I have a django-cms pull request ready to be sent, which will add suport to get language from current span title (Also fixes another django-cms issue for language).

Maybe we should apply both solutions: the #69 for old django-cms instances to work, and this current span titlte for doing things well :).


This pull request fails (merged f2451f6 into 8c5b05e).


Hi there,

As far as I know, this should be fixed in #69.

Kind regards,


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