A free, open source, PHP-based simple discussion forum. It favours removing barriers to conversation rather than massaging egos. Download Here: https://github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum/archive/master.zip
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NoNonsense Forum v26 © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen 2010-2015
A simple forum that focuses on discussion and simplicity.

How NoNonsense differs from other forums:
:: No database
        Threads are just RSS feeds. When a reply is added, a new item
        is added to the feed.

:: No hoops to jump through
        No registration, no e-mail confirmation, no CAPTCHA. Just type
        your message, give a name and password you want to use and your
        post is made. Use the same name / password pair in the future
        to keep the same name, it’s that simple.

:: No clutter
        No user profiles. No "status updates". No signatures.
        No user ranks. Just pure discussion with none of the cruft.

[1]     Admin & Moderators
[1.1]   Set Up
[1.2]   Sign-in
[2]     Things to Note
[2.1]   Post Appending
[2.2]   Post Deleting
[3]     Sub-forums
[4]     Lock & Sticky Threads
[5]     Forum Locking
[5.1]   Members
[5.2]   A Note on Private Forums
[6]     Acknowledgements

[1]     Admin & Moderators
[1.1]   Set Up:
The first thing you need to do is provide a username for the admin, 
and any moderators you would like

*       Create a "mods.txt" file in the forum / sub-forum

*       The user name on the first line will be the forum's admin

*       Add the user name of each mod on a separate line.


*       Mods in the root forum ("/mods.txt") can moderate in all
        sub-forums, including locked ones

*       Mods in sub-forums ("/news/mods.txt") can only moderate in that
NOTE:   Make sure that admin and mod accounts are created (by posting
        once), otherwise anybody could steal the name and take control!

[1.2]   Sign-in:
Some moderator actions require the user to sign-in.

*       Click the "sign in" link at the bottom of the page and enter
        your name / password

*       Threads can be locked and unlocked with the relevant link at
        the bottom of the page

*       Once signed in, you must quit your browser fully (not just
        close the tab or window), or clear your browser's cache to
        sign out

*       Unfortunately, due to a flaw in HTTP authentication, users with
        accented / unicode letters in their name will not be able to
        sign-in. Moderators and members must limit their chosen names
        to basic letters, numbers and punctuation

[2]     Things to Note:
[2.1]   Post Appending:
Because threads are RSS feeds, the text to HTML conversion that happens
when you post is one-way. You cannot edit posts, other than manually
editing the RSS file. Instead, text can be appended to the end of posts.

*       Users can append to their own posts

*       Moderators can append to any posts

[2.2]   Post Deleting:
To avoid abuse, users cannot permanently delete their own posts.

*       When a user deletes their post, the text is removed and
        replaced with a message like "This post was deleted by its
        owner" (or "a moderator"), the name and time remains

*       A moderator can delete any post, likewise

*       A blanked-out deleted post can be removed permanently from the
        thread by a moderator by deleting it again, but only if the
        post is on the last page of replies -- so as to not break any
        permalinks by rearranging page boundaries

[3]     Sub-forums:
Sub-forums are simply folders.

*       The name of the folder is the name of the sub-forum, it can
        contain any letters allowed by your server's OS except for
        ".", "<", ">" and "&"

*       Make sure the folder has write-permissions

*       Nested sub-folders are supported, to any reasonable depth
        (E.g. '/Music/Techno/')

[4]     Lock & Sticky Threads:
Locked threads cannot be replied to. Sticky threads remain at the top
of a forum, regardless of page.

*       To un/lock or un/sticky a thread, first sign-in as the admin

*       Click the Un/Lock or Un/Sticky thread button 

[5]     Forum Locking:
The root forum and / or sub-forums can be individually restricted:

*       Create a "locked.txt" file in the forum / sub-forum

*       In the file write one of the following words: (sans-quotes)

*       Only moderators or members of a forum can start new threads,
        but anybody can reply

*       Only moderators or members of a forum can start new threads and
        reply. Anybody can view the forum, but won't be able to post
        unless added as a member or moderator

[5.1]   Members:
Members are users who are not restricted in a locked forum, but do not
have moderator powers; they are your participants in restricted forums.

*       Create a "members.txt" file in the forum / sub-forum

*       Add the user name of each member on a separate line

*       Members of the root forum are not automatically members of all
        sub-forums (unlike mods)
*       Members must sign-in to be able to post in locked forums

[5.2]   A Note on Private Forums:
NoNonsense Forum does not provide an option for private forums (can
only be accessed by members) because the index RSS feed (which includes
the text of posts being made in the forum) cannot be protected without
the use of ".htpasswd" based password-protection.

If you want a private forum / sub-forum, protect the relevant directory
using ".htpasswd". Instructions are not provided here on how to
configure ".htpasswd" protection as it requires basic server admin
skills and some knowledge of using ".htaccess" files.

The users defined in the ".htpasswd" file will have to have the same
password as their NoNonsense Forum username.

[6]     Acknowledgements:
See LICENCE.txt for licence details

I'd like to thank the following individuals for suggesting ideas or
contributing directly to NoNonsense Forum.

I'd like to also thank the users of Camen Design Forum
<forum.camendesign.com> for testing and support.

Name    Issue
1seann [github]
*       Discovering path error in sitemap.xml
bh8(dot)vn & zuchto
*       Suggestion to improve transliteration further
*       Fallback if "iconv" is missing

Bruno Héridet
*       Duplicate ID in the HTML
*       Major DOMTemplate bug munging querystrings

David Hund
*       Code typo in `DOMDocument`
*       Major DOMTemplate bug munging querystrings

*       Reporting of Apache "NOYB" identifier
*       IDN URLs
*       UTF-8 characters no longer hex-encoded in the output

*       Critical typo in "lang.example.php"

*       Use `clearstatcache` to ensure index ordering is right
*       Accidental double-`<link>` to favicon

*       Wrong usage of PHP header function
*       Add "noindex, nofollow" to delete page
*       Blockquote syntax idea

Jon Gjengset / Jonhoo
*       Original "Grayscale" theme
*       Original mobile theme
*       `$` alternative syntax for code blocks
*       Read-locking of threads during writes
*       Help with HTTPS support
*       Raised issue with PHP short tags
*       Delete message the same when deleting thread and post
*       Many HTML & CSS fixes

Jose Pedro Arvela / jparvela
*       Changing `static::` to `self::`
*       Suggestion for "@user" syntax

*       Regex backtrace limit

*       Lynx support
*       Use `rel="nofollow external"` on external links
*       Improved ".htaccess" compatibility with Mac OS
*       Title-line self links (this was quite complex)
*       Duplicate appends
*       Help with various transliteration aspects
*       Better whitespace trimming
*       Help fixing missing "?" in no-HTACCESS URLs
*       Constant support improving the UTF-8 handling
*       Major DOMTemplate bug munging querystrings

*       Opera speed dial help

*       Unecessary ChromeFrame header in ".htaccess"

*       Changing `static::` to `self::`
*       Opera speed dial help

*       Original suggestion to transliterate thread titles

Paul M
*       Lock button sometimes showing by accident

Philip Butkiewicz
*       Fix up `<script>` outputting in DOMTemplate

Richard van Velzen / rvanvelzen
*       Running in a sub-folder
*       HTTPS support
*       Remove "/users/" from "robots.txt"
*       CSS fixes
*       Inline code, heading and divider markup implementation
*       Fault with adding new threads
*       URL parsing with subdomains containing a dash
*       `$1` being stripped from code spans / blocks
*       Suggestion to improve error messages
*       Closing bracket in URL when URL is last text in a quote
*       Block quote regex fixes
*       Post starting with code block doesn't show that block

*       Better tag matching when repairing output HTML
*       Stickies not showing if no other threads
*       Add leading '0' to "Expires" header to comply with spec
*       Debugging DOMTemplate speed
*       Suggestion for HiDPI graphics

*       Discovering missing "?" in no-HTACCESS URLs

Stephen Taylor
*       Reported bug with appends double-encoding HTML
*       "@name" not working with no HTAccess

Steve Bir
*       Pages not working in sub forums

*       iOS testing for the rotation / zooming bug

*       Delete page missing
*       Timezone option

Anybody else forgotten along the way, get in touch.