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<?php //bootstraps the forum
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
/* NoNonsense Forum v22 © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen 2012
licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 <>
you may do whatever you want to this code as long as you give credit to Kroc Camen, <>
what gets defined here:
const / var attribs description
key: / ends with a slash
// begins and ends with a slash
? OS-dependent slashes (use `DIRECTORY_SEPERATOR` to concatenate)
U URL-encoded. use for HTML, do not use for server-side paths
FORUM_ROOT ? full server path to NNF's folder
FORUM_LIB / ? full server path to the 'lib' folder
FORUM_PATH // U relative URL from the web-root, to NNF
if NNF is at root, this would be "/", otherwise the "/sub-folder/" NNF is within
HTACCESS boolean if the ".htaccess" file is present and enabled or not
-- everything in 'config.php' (if present) and 'config.default.php' --
FORUM_URL fully-qualified domain URL, e.g. ""
PAGE page-number given in the querystring -- not necessarily a valid page number!
PATH / current sub-forum the viewer is in
this is often used to test if the user is in a sub-forum or not
PATH_URL / U URL-encoded version of `PATH` for use in constructing URLs
PATH_DIR // ? relative server path from NNF's root (`FORUM_ROOT`) to the current sub-forum
SUBFORUM the name of the current sub-forum (regardless of nesting), not URL-encoded
NAME username given
PASS password given
AUTH boolean, if the username / password are correct
AUTH_HTTP boolean, if the authentication was via HTTP_AUTH *and* was correct
(will be false if the username / password were wrong, even if HTTP_AUTH was used)
FORUM_LOCK the contents of 'locked.txt' which sets restrictions on the forum / sub-forums
see section 5 in the README file
$MODS array of the names of moderators for the whole forum, and the current sub-forum
$MEMBERS array of the names of members for the current sub-forum
IS_MOD if the current viewer is a moderator for the current forum
IS_MEMBER if the current viewer is a member of the current forum
THEME_ROOT / ? full server path to the currently selected theme
-- everything in 'theme.config.php' (if present) and 'theme.config.default.php' --
$LANG array of language translations. see 'lang.example.php' for details
LANG currently selected language, '' for default
/* server configutation
====================================================================================================================== */
//default UTF-8 throughout
mb_internal_encoding ('UTF-8');
mb_regex_encoding ('UTF-8');
//full server path for absolute references, this includes the any sub-folders NNF might be in
define ('FORUM_ROOT', dirname (__FILE__));
//location of the 'lib' folder, full server path
//correct PHP version?
if (version_compare (PHP_VERSION, '5.2.3') < 0) require FORUM_LIB.'error_phpver.php';
require_once FORUM_LIB.'functions.php'; //import shared functions
require_once FORUM_LIB.'domtemplate/domtemplate.php'; //import the templating engine
//location of NNF relative to the webroot, i.e. if NNF is in a sub-folder or not
//we URL-encode this as it’s never used for server-side paths, `FORUM_ROOT` / `FORUM_LIB` are for that
define ('FORUM_PATH', safeURL (str_replace (
array ('\\', '//'), '/', //- replace Windows forward-slash with backslash
dirname ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/' //- always starts with a slash and ends in one
/* site configuration
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//try set the forum owner’s personal config ('config.php'), if it exists
@(include './config.php');
//include the defaults: (for anything missing from the user’s config)
//see that file for descriptions of the different available options
@(include './config.default.php') or require FORUM_LIB.'error_configdefault.php';
//PHP 5.3 issues a warning if the timezone is not set when using date commands
//(`FORUM_TIMEZONE` is set in the config and defaults to 'UTC')
date_default_timezone_set (FORUM_TIMEZONE);
//the full URL of the site is dependant on HTTPS configuration, so we wait until now to define it
define ('FORUM_URL', 'http'. //base URL to produce hyperlinks throughout:
(FORUM_HTTPS || @$_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on' ? 's' : ''). //- if HTTPS is enforced, links in RSS will use it
//is the htaccess working properly?
//(.htaccess sets this variable for us)
define ('HTACCESS', (bool) @$_SERVER['HTTP_HTACCESS']);
//if ".htaccess" is missing or disabled, and the "users" folder is in an insecure location, warn the site admin to move it
if (!HTACCESS && FORUM_USERS == 'users') require FORUM_LIB.'error_htaccess.php';
/* common input
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//most pages allow for a page number; note that this is merely the user-input, it is not necessarily a valid page number!
define ('PAGE', preg_match ('/^[1-9][0-9]*$/', @$_GET['page']) ? (int) $_GET['page'] : false);
//all our pages use 'path' (often optional) to specify the sub-forum being viewed, so this is done here
define ('PATH', preg_match ('/^(?:[^\.\/&]+\/)+$/', @$_GET['path']) ? $_GET['path'] : '');
//a shorthand for when PATH is used in URL construction for HTML use
define ('PATH_URL', safeURL (PATH));
//for serverside use, like `chdir` / `unlink` (must replace the URL forward-slashes with backslashes on Windows)
//if we are in nested sub-folders, the name of the current sub-forum, exluding the rest
//(not used in URLs, so we use `PATH` instead of `PATH_URL`)
define ('SUBFORUM', @end (explode ('/', trim (PATH, '/'))));
//we have to change directory for `is_dir` to work, see <>
//being in the right directory is also assumed for reading 'mods.txt' and when generating the RSS (`indexRSS`)
//(oddly with `chdir` the path must end in a slash)
@chdir (FORUM_ROOT.PATH_DIR) or die ('Invalid path');
//TODO: that should generate a 404, but we can't create a 404 in PHP that will send the server's provided 404 page.
// I may revist this if I create an NNF-provided 404 page
/* access control
====================================================================================================================== */
/* name / password authorisation:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//for HTTP authentication (sign-in):
//- CGI workaround <>
':', base64_decode (substr ($_SERVER['HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'], 6))
//all pages can accept a name / password when committing actions (new thread / reply &c.)
//in the case of HTTP authentication (sign in), these are provided in the request header instead
define ('NAME', safeGet (@$_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] ? @$_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] : @$_POST['username'], SIZE_NAME));
define ('PASS', safeGet (@$_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] ? @$_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] : @$_POST['password'], SIZE_PASS, false));
if (( //if HTTP authentication is used, we don’t need to validate the form fields
) || ( //if an input form was submitted:
//are the name and password non-blank?
//the email check is a fake hidden field in the form to try and fool spam bots
isset ($_POST['email']) && @$_POST['email'] == '' &&
//I wonder what this does...?
(isset ($_POST['x'], $_POST['y']) || isset ($_POST['submit_x'], $_POST['submit_y']))
)) {
//users are stored as text files based on the hash of the given name
$name = hash ('sha512', strtolower (NAME));
//create the user, if new:
//- if registrations are allowed (`FORUM_NEWBIES` is true)
//- you can’t create new users with the HTTP_AUTH sign in
if (FORUM_NEWBIES && !isset ($_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']) && !file_exists ($user))
file_put_contents ($user, hash ('sha512', $name.PASS)) or require FORUM_LIB.'error_permissions.php'
//does password match?
define ('AUTH', @file_get_contents ($user) == hash ('sha512', $name.PASS));
//if signed in with HTTP_AUTH, confirm that it’s okay to use
//(e.g. the user could still have given the wrong password with HTTP_AUTH)
define ('AUTH_HTTP', @$_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] ? AUTH : false);
} else {
define ('AUTH', false);
define ('AUTH_HTTP', false);
/* access rights
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//get the lock status of the current forum we’re in:
//"threads" - only users in "mods.txt" / "members.txt" can start threads, but anybody can reply
//"posts" - only users in "mods.txt" / "members.txt" can start threads or reply
define ('FORUM_LOCK', trim (@file_get_contents ('locked.txt')));
//get the list of moderators:
//(`file` returns NULL if the file doesn’t exist; casting that to an array creates an array with a blank element, and
// `array_filter` removes blank elements, including blank lines in the text file; we could use the `FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES`
// flag, but `array_filter` kills two birds with one stone since we don’t have to check if the file exists beforehand.)
$MODS = array (
//'mods.txt' on root for mods on all sub-forums
'GLOBAL'=> array_filter ((array) @file (FORUM_ROOT.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'mods.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES)),
//if in a sub-forum, the local 'mods.txt'
'LOCAL' => PATH ? array_filter ((array) @file ('mods.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES)) : array ()
//get the list (if any) of users allowed to access this current forum
$MEMBERS = array_filter ((array) @file ('members.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES));
//is the current user a moderator in this forum?
define ('IS_MOD', AUTH && isMod (NAME));
//is the current user a member of this forum?
define ('IS_MEMBER', AUTH && isMember (NAME));
/* theme & translation
====================================================================================================================== */
//shorthand to the server-side location of the particular theme folder (this gets used a lot)
//load the theme-specific functions
@(include THEME_ROOT.'theme.php') or require FORUM_LIB.'error_theme.php';
//load the user’s theme configuration, if it exists
@(include THEME_ROOT.'theme.config.php');
//include the theme defaults
@(include THEME_ROOT.'theme.config.default.php') or require FORUM_LIB.'error_configtheme.php';
//include the language translations
$LANG = array ();
foreach (explode (' ', THEME_LANGS) as $lang) @include THEME_ROOT."lang.$lang.php";
//get / set the language to use
define ('LANG',
//if the language selector has been used to choose a language:
isset ($_POST['lang']) && setcookie (
//- set the language cookie for 1 year
"lang", $_POST['lang'], time ()+60*60*24*365, FORUM_PATH, $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], FORUM_HTTPS
) ? $_POST['lang']
//otherwise, does a cookie already exist to set the language?
: (@$_COOKIE['lang'] ? $_COOKIE['lang'] : (
//otherwise, try detect the language sent by the browser:
$lang = @array_shift (array_intersect (
//- find language codes in the HTTP header and compare with the theme provided languages
preg_replace ('/^([a-z0-9-]+).*/i', '$1', explode (',', $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'])),
explode (' ', THEME_LANGS)
)) ? $lang
//all else failing, use the default language
//don’t treat language choice as an invalid form error
if (isset ($_POST['lang'])) unset ($_POST);
/* send HTTP headers
====================================================================================================================== */
//if enabled, enforce HTTPS
if (FORUM_HTTPS) if (@$_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on') {
//if forced-HTTPS is on and a HTTPS connection is being used, send the 30-day HSTS header
//see <> for more details
header ('Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=2592000');
} else {
//if forced-HTTPS is on and a HTTPS connection is not being used, redirect to the HTTPS version of the current page
//(we don’t die here so that should the redirect be ignored, the HTTP version of the page will still be given)
header ('Location: https://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], true, 301);
//if the sign-in link was clicked, (and they're not already signed-in), invoke a HTTP_AUTH request in the browser:
//the browser will pop up a login box itself (no HTML involved) and continue to send the name & password with each request
if (!AUTH_HTTP && isset ($_GET['signin'])) {
header ('WWW-Authenticate: Basic');
header ('HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized');
//we don't die here so that if they cancel the login prompt, they shouldn't get a blank page
//stop browsers caching, so you don’t have to refresh every time to see changes
header ('Cache-Control: no-cache', true);
header ('Expires: 0', true);
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