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<?php //shared functions
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
/* NoNonsense Forum v26 © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen 2010-2015
licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 <>
you may do whatever you want to this code as long as you give credit to Kroc Camen, <>
//formulate a URL (used to automatically fallback to non-pretty URLs when htaccess is not available),
//the domain is not included because it is not used universally throughout (absolute-base / relative links)
function url (
$path='', //sub-forum path
$file='', //a thread file name (sans extension)
$page=0, //page number
$action='', //an action such as "append", "delete", "lock" or "unlock"
$action_id='' //an optional post-id to go with the action above
) {
//begin with the subfolder the forum is in, if any. all URLs must be absolute to be able to juggle the mix of
//htaccess vs. no-htaccess + running in root vs. running in a sub-folder
$filepath = FORUM_PATH."$path$file";
if (substr ($filepath, strlen (FORUM_PATH.PATH_URL)) == FORUM_PATH.PATH_URL)
$filepath = substr ($filepath, strlen (FORUM_PATH.PATH_URL)+1)
//if htaccess is on, then use pretty URLs:
? $filepath.($page ? "+$page" : '').rtrim ('?'.implode ('&', array_filter (array (
//single actions without any ID (only delete, un/lock use form buttons)
!$action_id && ($action == 'delete') ? $action : '',
//otherwise, actions with an ID?
$action_id ? "$action=$action_id" : ''
))), '?')
//if htaccess is off, fallback to real URLs:
//which page to point to; if a file is given, it's always a thread
($file ? 'thread.php' : 'index.php').rtrim ('?'.
//concatenate a query string
implode ('&', array_filter (array (
//actions without an ID (only delete, un/lock use form buttons)
!$action_id && ($action == 'delete') ? $action : '',
//append or delete post
$action_id ? "$action=$action_id" : '',
//sub-forum? for no-htaccess, all links must be made relative from the NNF folder root
$path ? "path=$path" : '',
//if a file is specified (view thread, append, delete &c.)
$file ? "file=$file" : '',
//page number
$page ? "page=$page" : ''
))), '?')
//the shared template stuff for all pages
function prepareTemplate (
$filepath, //template file to load
$canonical='', //the canonical URL for the page, so that search engines can ignore querystring spam from links
$title=NULL //HTML title to use, if NULL, existing `<title>` is kept
) {
global $LANG, $MODS, $MEMBERS;
//load the template into DOM for manipulation. see 'domtemplate.php' for code and
//<> for documentation of this object
$template = new DOMTemplate (file_get_contents ($filepath));
//fix all absolute URLs (i.e. if NNF is running in a folder):
//(this also fixes the forum-title home link "/" when NNF runs in a folder)
foreach ($template->query ('//*/@href, //*/@src, //*/@content') as $node) if ($node->nodeValue[0] == '/')
//prepend the base path of the forum ('/' if on root, '/folder/' if running in a sub-folder)
$node->nodeValue = FORUM_PATH.ltrim ($node->nodeValue, '/')
/* translate!
//before we start changing element content, we run through the language translation, if necessary;
//if the current user-chosen language is in the list of available language translations for this theme,
//execute the array of XPath string replacements in the translation. see the 'lang.*.php' files for details
if (isset ($LANG[LANG]['strings'])) $template->set ($LANG[LANG]['strings'], true)->setValue ('/html/@lang', LANG);
//template the language chooser
$item = $template->repeat ('.nnf_lang');
//build the list for each additional language
foreach ($LANG as $code => $lang) $item->set (array (
'./@value' => $code,
'.' => $lang['name']
))->remove (array (
'./@selected' => !($code == LANG)
))->next ();
} else {
$template->remove ('#nnf_lang');
/* HTML <head>
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//if no title is provided, the one already in the template remains (likely for translation purposes)
if (!is_null ($title)) $template->setValue ('/html/head/title', $title);
//remove 'custom.css' stylesheet if 'custom.css' is missing
if (!file_exists (THEME_ROOT.'custom.css')) $template->remove ('//link[contains(@href,"custom.css")]');
//set the canonical URL
if ($canonical) $template->setValue ('/html/head/meta[@rel="canonical"]/@href', $canonical);
/* site header
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//site title
$template->setValue ('.nnf_forum-name', FORUM_NAME);
//are we in a sub-folder? if so, build the breadcrumb navigation
if (PATH) for (
//split the path by '/' to get each sub-forum
$items = explode ('/', trim (PATH, '/')), $item = $template->repeat ('.nnf_breadcrumb'),
$i = 0; $i < count ($items); $i++
) $item->set (array (
'a.nnf_subforum-name' => $items[$i],
'a.nnf_subforum-name@href' => url (
//reconstruct the URL from each sub-forum up to the current one
implode ('/', array_map ('safeURL', array_slice ($items, 0, $i+1))).'/'
))->next ();
//not in a sub-folder? remove the breadcrumb navigation
if (!PATH) $template->remove ('.nnf_breadcrumb');
/* site footer
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//are there any local mods? create the list of local mods
if (!empty ($MODS['LOCAL'])): $template->setValue ('#nnf_mods-local-list', theme_nameList ($MODS['LOCAL']), true);
else: $template->remove ('#nnf_mods-local'); //remove the local mods list section
//are there any site mods? create the list of mods
if (!empty ($MODS['GLOBAL'])): $template->setValue ('#nnf_mods-list', theme_nameList ($MODS['GLOBAL']), true);
else: $template->remove ('#nnf_mods'); //remove the mods list section
//are there any members? create the list of members
if (!empty ($MEMBERS)): $template->setValue ('#nnf_members-list', theme_nameList ($MEMBERS), true);
else: $template->remove ('#nnf_members'); //remove the members list section
//set the name of the signed-in user
$template->setValue ('.nnf_signed-in-name', NAME)->remove (
//remove the relevant section for signed-in / out
AUTH_HTTP ? '.nnf_signed-out' : '.nnf_signed-in'
return $template;
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
//the first mod on the list is the site administrator and has extra privileges such as stickying threads
function isAdmin ($name) {
global $MODS; return strtolower ($name) === strtolower ((string) @$MODS['GLOBAL'][0]);
//check to see if a name is a known moderator
function isMod ($name) {
global $MODS; return in_array (strtolower ($name), array_map ('strtolower', $MODS['GLOBAL'] + $MODS['LOCAL']));
//a member of a locked forum?
function isMember ($name) {
global $MEMBERS; return in_array (strtolower ($name), array_map ('strtolower', $MEMBERS));
//get the list of sticky threads in the current forum / sub-forum
function getStickies () {
//`file` returns NULL on failure, so we can cast it to an array to get an array with one blank item,
//then `array_filter` removes blank items. this way saves having to check if the file exists first
return array_filter ((array) @file ('sticky.txt', FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES));
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
//take the author's message, process markup, and encode it safely for the RSS feed
function formatText (
$text, //the text to process into HTML
$permalink='', //optional full URL to the thread this text will be a part of, used to make title links permanent
$post_id='', //optional HTML ID of the post that this text will form, used for title self-links
$rss=NULL //optional simpleXML object of the whole thread, to link to other user's posts
) {
//unify carriage returns between Windows / UNIX, and sanitise HTML against injection
$text = safeHTML (preg_replace ('/\r\n?/', "\n", $text));
//these arrays will hold any portions of text that have to be temporarily removed to avoid interference with the
//markup processing, i.e code spans / blocks
$pre = array (); $code = array ();
/* preformatted text (code blocks):
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* example: or: (latex in particular since it uses % as a comment marker)
% title $ title
⋮ ⋮
% $
while (preg_match ('/^(?-s:(\h*)([%$])(.*?))\n(.*?)\n\h*\2(["”»]?)$/msu', $text, $m, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
//format the code block
$pre[] = "<pre><span class=\"ct\">{$m[2][0]}{$m[3][0]}</span>\n"
//unindent code blocks that have been quoted
.(strlen ($m[1][0]) ? preg_replace ("/^\s{1,".strlen ($m[1][0])."}/m", '', $m[4][0]) : $m[4][0])
."\n<span class=\"cb\">{$m[2][0]}</span></pre>"
//replace the code block with a placeholder:
//(we will have to remove the code chunks from the source text to avoid the other markup processing from
//munging it and then restore the chunks back later)
$text = substr_replace ($text, "\n&PRE_".(count ($pre)-1).";\n".$m[5][0], $m[0][1], strlen ($m[0][0]));
/* inline code / teletype text:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
// example: `code` or ``code``
while (preg_match ('/(?<=[\s\p{Z}\p{P}]|^)(`+)(.*?)(?<!`)\1(?!`)/m', $text, $m, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
//format the code block
$code[] = '<code>'.$m[1][0].$m[2][0].$m[1][0].'</code>';
//same as with normal code blocks, replace them with a placeholder
$text = substr_replace ($text, '&CODE_'.(count ($code)-1).';', $m[0][1], strlen ($m[0][0]));
/* hyperlinks:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//find full URLs and turn into HTML hyperlinks. we also detect e-mail addresses automatically
while (preg_match (
((?:(?:http|ftp)s?|irc)?:\/\/) # $1 = protocol
| ([a-z0-9\._%+\-]+@) # $2 = email name
)( # $3 = friendly URL (no protocol)
[-\.\p{L}\p{M}\p{N}]+ # domain (letters, diacritics, numbers & dash only)
(?:\.[\p{L}\p{M}\p{N}]+)+ # TLDs (also letters, diacritics & numbers only)
)(?(2)| # email ends here
(\/)? # $4 = slash is excluded from friendly URL
(?(4)( # $5 = folders and filename, relative URL
(?> # folders and filename
"(?!\/?&gt;|\s|$)| # ignore the end of an HTML hyperlink
\)(?![:\.,"”»]?(?:\s|$))| # ignore brackets on end with punctuation
[:\.,”»](?!\s|$)| # ignore various characters on the end
[^\s:)\.,"”»] # the rest, including bookmark
//capture the starting point of the match, so that `$m[x][0]` is the text and $m[x][1] is the offset
//use an offset to search from so we don’t get stuck in an infinite loop
//(this isn’t valid the first time around obviously so gives 0)
@($m[0][1] + strlen ($replace))
//replace the URL in the source text with a hyperlinked version:
//(we record the HTML in `$replace` so that we can skip forward that much for the next search iteration)
)) $text = substr_replace ($text, $replace =
'<a href="'.($p=(@$m[2][0] ? 'mailto:'.$m[2][0] //is this an e-mail address?
: ($m[1][0] ? $m[1][0] : 'http://'))) //has a protocol been given?
//rest of the URL [domain . slash . everything-else]
//(encode double-quotes without double-encoding existing ampersands; this is the PHP5.2.3 req.)
.htmlspecialchars ($m[3][0].@$m[4][0].@$m[5][0], ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8', false).'"'
//is the URL external? if so add the rel attributes
.($p.$m[3][0] !== FORUM_URL ? ' rel="nofollow external"' : '')
.'>' //the link-text
//where to substitute
$m[0][1], strlen ($m[0][0])
/* inline formatting:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
$text = preg_replace (
//example: _italic_ & *bold*
array ('/(?<=\s|^)_(?!_)(.*?)(?<!_)_(?=\s|$)/m', '/(?<![*\w])\*(?!\*)(.*?)(?<!\*)\*(?![*\w])/'),
array ('<em>_$1_</em>', '<strong>*$1*</strong>'),
/* divider: "---"
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
$text = preg_replace (
'/(?:\n|\A)\h*(---+)\h*(?:\n?$|\Z)/m', "\n\n<p class=\"hr\">$1</p>\n",
/* blockquotes:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* example:
“this is the first quote level.
“this is the second quote level.”
back to the first quote level.”
do $text = preg_replace (array (
//you would think that you could combine these. you really would
), //extra quote marks are inserted in the spans for both themeing, and so that when you copy a quote, the
//nesting is preserved for you. there must be a line break between spans and the text otherwise it prevents
//the regex from finding quote marks at the ends of lines (these extra linebreaks are removed next)
"<span class=\"ql\">&ldquo;</span>\n$2\n<span class=\"qr\">&rdquo;</span>\n\n".
$text, -1, $c
); while ($c);
//remove the extra linebreaks addeded between our theme quotes
//(required so that extra `<br />`s don’t get added!)
$text = preg_replace (
array ('/&ldquo;<\/span>\n(?!\n)/', '/\n<span class="qr">/'),
array ('&ldquo;</span>', '<span class="qr">'),
/* name references:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//name references (e.g. "@bob") will link back to the last reply in the thread made by that person.
//this requires that the whole RSS thread is passed to this function to refer to
if (!is_null ($rss)) {
//first, produce a list of all authors in the thread
$names = array ();
foreach ($rss->channel->xpath ('./item/author') as $name) $names[] = $name[0];
$names = array_unique ($names); //remove duplicates
$names = array_map ('strtolower', $names); //set all to lowercase
$names = array_map ('safeHTML', $names); //HTML encode names as they will be in the source text
//sort the list of names Z-A so that longer names and names with spaces occur first,
//this is so that we don’t choose "Bob" over "Bob Monkhouse" when matching names
rsort ($names);
//find all possible name references in the text:
//(that is, any "@" followed by text up to the end of a line. note that this means that what might be
//matched may include additional text that *isn't* part of the name, e.g. "@bob How are you?")
$offset = 0; while (preg_match ('/(?:^|\s+)(@.+)/m', $text, $m, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE, $offset)) {
//check each of the known names in the thread and see if one fits the source text reference
//e.g. does "@bob How are you?" begin with "bob"
foreach ($names as $name) if (stripos ($m[1][0], $name) === 1)
//locate the last post made by that author in the thread to link to
foreach ($rss->channel->item as $item) if (safeHTML (strtolower ($item->author)) == $name)
{ //replace the reference with the link to the post
$text = substr_replace ($text,
//TODO: `safeHTML` isn't quote safe
'<a href="'.safeHTML ($item->link).'"'.(isMod ($name) ? ' class="nnf_mod"' : '').'>'
.substr ($m[1][0], 0, strlen ($name)+1).
$m[1][1], strlen ($name)+1
//move on to the next reference, no need to check any further names for this one
$offset = $m[1][1] + strlen ($name) + strlen ($item->link) + 15 + 1;
break 2;
//failing any match, continue searching
//(avoid getting stuck in an infinite loop)
$offset = $m[1][1] + 1;
/* titles
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//example: :: title
$replace = ''; $titles=array (); while (preg_match (
//capture the starting point of the match, so that `$m[x][0]` is the text and $m[x][1] is the offset
//use an offset to search from so we don’t get stuck in an infinite loop
//(this isn’t valid the first time around obviously so gives 0)
@($m[0][1] + strlen ($replace))
)) {
//generate a unique HTML ID for the title:
//flatten the title text into a URL-safe string of [a-z0-9_]
$translit = safeTransliterate (strip_tags ($m[1][0]));
//if a title already exsits with that ID, append a number until an available ID is found.
$c = 0; do $id = $translit.($c++ ? '_'.($c-1) : ''); while (in_array ($id, $titles));
//add the current ID to the list of used IDs
$titles[] = $id;
//remove hyperlinks in the title (since the title will be a hyperlink too)
//if a user-link is present, keep the mod class if present
$m[1][0] = preg_replace ('/<a href="[^"]+"( class="nnf_mod")?>(.*?)<\/a>/', "<b$1>$2</b>", $m[1][0]);
//create the replacement HTML, including an anchor link
$text = substr_replace ($text, $replace =
//(note: code spans in titles don't transliterate since they've been replaced with placeholders)
"\n\n<h2 id=\"$post_id::$id\">".
//TODO: `safeHTML` isn't quote-safe
"<a href=\"".safeHTML ($permalink)."#$post_id::$id\">".$m[1][0]."</a>".
//where to substitute
$m[0][1], strlen ($m[0][0])
/* finalise:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//add paragraph tags between blank lines
foreach (preg_split ('/\n{2,}/', safeTrim ($text), -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY) as $chunk) {
//if not a blockquote, title, hr or pre-block, wrap in a paragraph
if (!preg_match ('/^<\/?(?:bl|h2|p)|^&PRE_/', $chunk))
$chunk = "<p>\n".str_replace ("\n", "<br />\n", $chunk)."\n</p>"
$text = @$result .= "\n$chunk";
//restore code spans/blocks
foreach ($code as $i => $html) $text = str_replace ("&CODE_$i;", $html, $text);
foreach ($pre as $i => $html) $text = str_replace ("&PRE_$i;", $html, $text);
return $text;
//reverse the text formatting, turning HTML back into plain-text markup,
//this is used to append text to existing posts whilst ensuring unique heading IDs
function unformatText ($text) {
return html_entity_decode (strip_tags ($text), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8');
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
//regenerate a folder's RSS file (all changes happening in a folder)
function indexRSS () {
/* create an RSS feed
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
$rss = new DOMTemplate (file_get_contents (FORUM_LIB.'rss-template.xml'));
$rss->set (array (
'/rss/channel/title' => FORUM_NAME.(PATH ? str_replace ('/', ' / ', PATH) : ''),
'/rss/channel/link' => FORUM_URL.url (PATH_URL)
//remove the locked / deleted categories
))->remove ('/rss/channel/category');
//get list of threads, sort by date; most recently modified first
$threads = preg_grep ('/\.rss$/', scandir ('.'));
array_multisort (array_map ('filemtime', $threads), SORT_DESC, $threads);
$items = $rss->repeat ('/rss/channel/item');
//get the last post made in each thread as an RSS item
foreach (array_slice ($threads, 0, FORUM_THREADS) as $thread)
if ($xml = @simplexml_load_file ($thread)) //if the RSS feed is valid
if ($item = @$xml->channel->item[0]) //if the feed has any items
$items->set (array (
'./title' => $item->title,
'./link' => $item->link,
'./author' => $item->author,
'./pubDate' => gmdate ('r', strtotime ($item->pubDate)),
'./description' => $item->description
))->remove (array (
'./category[.="deleted"]' => !$item->xpath ('category[.="deleted"]'),
))->next ()
file_put_contents ('index.xml', $rss);
/* sitemap
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
//we’re going to use the RSS files as sitemaps
chdir (FORUM_ROOT);
//get list of sub-forums and include the root too
$folders = array ('') + array_filter (
//include only directories, but ignore directories starting with ‘.’ and the users / themes folders
preg_grep ('/^(\.|users$|themes$|lib$)/', scandir (FORUM_ROOT.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR), PREG_GREP_INVERT),
//start the XML file. this template has an XMLNS, so we have to prefix all our XPath queries :(
$xml = new DOMTemplate (
file_get_contents (FORUM_LIB.'sitemap-template.xml'),
array ('x' => '')
//generate a sitemap index file, to point to each index RSS file in the forum:
$sitemap = $xml->repeat ('//x:sitemap');
foreach ($folders as $folder)
//get the time of the latest item in the RSS feed
//(the RSS feed may be missing as they are not generated in new folders until something is posted)
if (@$rss = simplexml_load_file (
//if you delete the last thread in a folder, there won’t be anything in the RSS index file!
if (@$rss->channel->item[0]) $sitemap->set (array (
'./x:loc' => FORUM_URL.FORUM_PATH.($folder ? safeURL ("$folder/", false) : '').'index.xml',
'./x:lastmod' => gmdate ('r', strtotime ($rss->channel->item[0]->pubDate))
))->next ()
file_put_contents (FORUM_ROOT.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'sitemap.xml', $xml);
//you saw nothing, right?
clearstatcache ();