An HTTP logging utility for mobile devices and node
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A simple HTTP remote logging utility for the mobile web.


Run ./server.js to run the logging server. It defaults to port 8080, but to use on some mobile phones, the port should match whichever port you're using for the main web server.

To change ports, use: ./server.js --port <port number>.

On the client side, include the lumberjack.js file and configure the Lumberjack server url:

Lumberjack.url = 'http://localhost:8080'

From this point on, the server will be pinged according to the console method called, eg:

console.warn('Something went wrong');

... will generate a call to the following URL:

http://localhost:8080/log?warn=Something%20went%20wrong&rnd=<random number>

The server's console will output the warning with a yellow message.