An End-to-End Testing framework of Nginx Configurations.
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An integration testing framework for Nginx that will test your configuration. Every test involves verifying that a request will correctly flow through Nginx, to an upstream cluster and properly handles the response.

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Snow-Globe completes an integration test by parsing the configuration, dynamically building an upstream file, and with Docker, it starts up Nginx with the configuration and verifies an actual request/response flow matches the test specifications. Snow-Globe stubs the upstreams so that the entire environment can be fully controlled.


This project uses Java to run the tests and framework, and Docker to build the isolated enviornment for each test.

Below are the version requirements:

  • Docker (1.12.0 or greater)
  • Docker Compose (1.7.0 or greater)
  • Java JDK (version 1.8.0 or greater)

How to use Snow-Globe

Snow-Globe documentation is found on the github pages for the project:

If you want to skip reading and just try it out. Head over to our example project to run tests yourself: