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This page contains list of contributions the project needs. The list is not final, if you have any ideas and/or suggestions to it - please feel free to contact us on forum or via e-mail.


Required items:

  • Main menu background image and separate parchment image with transparent shadow
  • Supporting artwork for menu screens
  • Icons for map editor sections and tools
  • Icons for Single Player map selection list

Optional items:

  • Improve menu elements layout
  • Winter houses (add snow and ice to houses rooftops mainly)
  • New terrain objects (trees, rocks, etc.) and maybe some water objects
  • New animals (birds, hedgehogs, etc)
  • New splash screen artwork
  • New project logo and icon
  • Graphical layout of all keyboard shortcut keys and mouse actions in game (maybe with multiplayer chat commands listed nearby)

Experimental research items:

  • New user interface
  • New design for menu elements
  • Weather and day/night effects (clouds, rain, night, fog, snow, etc..)

Please contact us for additional details and requirements description if you plan to pick any of the tasks, so we could discuss it.


We need anyone who is familiar with Delphi/Lazarus/Pascal and eager to work on the project. We don't have fixed roles, so anyone has a chance to work on something he likes.

Planned items:

  • Video playback
  • Utility resource editing tools

Additional areas of interest:

  • Documenting project structure and code
  • Building code diagrams
  • Implementing unit tests
  • Performing bugfixes

Experimental areas:

  • AI
  • Particle effects (weather, smoke, fire)

Sound engineers / Music composers

The project needs:

  • New ambient sound effects (birds, wind, water tide, etc.)
  • New music tracks


It would be nice to expand this wiki with new articles.

  • Convert existing Mission Editors guide on scripting into this wiki
  • Update and improve project compilation guide
  • Tutorials on how to use map editor and utility tools


The project always needs translations into new languages, improving existing translations. If your language is not in the game yet, please contact us and we can discuss adding it. It might require a new font set (see below). If the translation in your language is incomplete or has mistakes, please contact us.


KaM uses bitmap style fonts, meaning they must be custom made for new font sets. You edit the font as an image exported from the FontEditor in e.g. Photoshop and put the characters into the correct place on a grid. We would especially like these fonts to be made due to demand:

  • Greek (Windows-1253)

Note: We currently only support 8 bit fonts, (not Unicode/UTF) so that means languages like Chinese, Japanese, etc. are not possible yet. We have plans for some kind of Unicode support in the future.


Track and file all bugreports into bugtracker (GitHub project issues page)

Website Translations

Our website is automatically translated by Google Translate, and can then be improved by volunteers. If you want to improve a translation please contact us.

Beta Testing

Before every release we send private "beta" versions of the game to our playtesters to find bugs and mistakes that we missed. Due to the complex nature of the game many bugs can only be found by playing for hours, which we do not have time to do. If you want to join our quality assurance team please contact us and we'll add you to our mailing list.


Spread the word, tell your friends, post it around the internet! We want to attract as many players as possible.

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