@KronicDeth KronicDeth released this Nov 9, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

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  • For reporting that packgePsiFileToDepSet needed to be wrapped in a read action
  • For requesting ExUnit Test New File template
  • For reporting that defmodule one-liner in IEx autocomplete test was being treated as a call definition head in the GoToSymbolContributor.
  • For opening a PR to fix deadlinks in the README that led me to auditing all the links in the README and fixing image links that were stale.




  • #1330 - @KronicDeth
    • Add IntelliJ Elixir Help to Help menu that opens link in browser using plugin version to link to README.md on GitHub.

      screen shot 2018-11-02 at 12 06 52 pm

      The link will work on released versions that have a tag.

  • #1334 - @KronicDeth
    • Allow creating ExUnit.Case modules from template. Template contains
      • use ExUnit.Case
      • alias of the source module
      • @moduletag :capture_log
      • doctest
      • test that checks that the source module exists.
    • Convert CreateElixirModuleAction to Kotlin.
    • Drop "Elixir" prefix from templates name in Elixir File dialog since you already know you're creating an Elixir File.

Bug Fixes

  • #1327 - Fix deadlinks to Run Configurations, which broke when section was renamed Run/Debug Configurations and auto-anchor changed name. - @KronicDeth
  • #1328 - Fix image links in README. - @KronicDeth
  • #1331 - Ensure defmodule one-liner isn't mistaken for call definition head in Go To Symbol. - @KronicDeth

README Updates

Fixed image layout and stale links.