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from django.db.models import IntegerField, PositiveIntegerField
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from django.conf import settings
import forms
from datetime import datetime
from models import Vote, Score
from default_settings import RATINGS_VOTES_PER_IP
from exceptions import *
if 'django.contrib.contenttypes' not in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
raise ImportError("djangoratings requires django.contrib.contenttypes in your INSTALLED_APPS")
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
__all__ = ('Rating', 'RatingField', 'AnonymousRatingField')
from hashlib import md5
except ImportError:
from md5 import new as md5
def md5_hexdigest(value):
return md5(value).hexdigest()
class Rating(object):
def __init__(self, score, votes):
self.score = score
self.votes = votes
class RatingManager(object):
def __init__(self, instance, field):
self.content_type = None
self.instance = instance
self.field = field
self.votes_field_name = "%s_votes" % (,)
self.score_field_name = "%s_score" % (,)
def get_percent(self):
Returns the weighted percentage of the score from min-max values"""
return 100 * ((self.get_rating() - self.field.range_lower) / (self.field.range_upper - self.field.range_lower))
def get_real_percent(self):
Returns the unmodified percentage of the score based on a 0-point scale."""
return 100 * ((self.get_real_rating() - self.field.range_lower) / (self.field.range_upper - self.field.range_lower))
def get_ratings(self):
Returns a Vote QuerySet for this rating field."""
return Vote.objects.filter(content_type=self.get_content_type(),, key=self.field.key)
def get_rating(self):
Returns the weighted average rating."""
if not self.votes:
return 0
return float(self.score)/(self.votes+self.field.weight)
def get_opinion_percent(self):
Returns a neutral-based percentage."""
return (self.get_percent()+100)/2
def get_real_rating(self):
Returns the unmodified average rating."""
if not self.votes:
return 0
return float(self.score)/self.votes
def get_rating_for_user(self, user, ip_address=None, cookies={}):
"""get_rating_for_user(user, ip_address=None, cookie=None)
Returns the rating for a user or anonymous IP."""
kwargs = dict(
content_type = self.get_content_type(),
object_id =,
key = self.field.key,
if not (user and user.is_authenticated()):
if not ip_address:
raise ValueError('``user`` or ``ip_address`` must be present.')
kwargs['user__isnull'] = True
kwargs['ip_address'] = ip_address
kwargs['user'] = user
use_cookies = (self.field.allow_anonymous and self.field.use_cookies)
if use_cookies:
# TODO: move 'vote-%d.%d.%s' to settings or something
cookie_name = 'vote-%d.%d.%s' % (kwargs['content_type'].pk, kwargs['object_id'], kwargs['key'][:6],) # -> md5_hexdigest?
cookie = cookies.get(cookie_name)
if cookie:
kwargs['cookie'] = cookie
kwargs['cookie__isnull'] = True
rating = Vote.objects.get(**kwargs)
return self.field.values[rating.score - self.field.range_lower]
except IndexError:
except Vote.MultipleObjectsReturned:
except Vote.DoesNotExist:
def add(self, score, user, ip_address, cookies={}, commit=True):
"""add(score, user, ip_address)
Used to add a rating to an object."""
if score in self.field.types:
score = self.field.types[score]
score = int(score)
except (ValueError, TypeError):
raise InvalidRating("%s is not a valid choice for %s" % (score,
delete = (score == 0)
if delete and not self.field.allow_delete:
raise CannotDeleteVote("you are not allowed to delete votes for %s" % (,))
# ... you're also can't delete your vote if you haven't permissions to change it. I leave this case for CannotChangeVote
if score and (score < self.field.range_lower or score > self.field.range_upper):
raise InvalidRating("%s is not a valid choice for %s" % (score,
is_anonymous = (user is None or not user.is_authenticated())
if is_anonymous and not self.field.allow_anonymous:
raise AuthRequired("user must be a user, not '%r'" % (user,))
if is_anonymous:
user = None
defaults = dict(
score = score,
ip_address = ip_address,
kwargs = dict(
content_type = self.get_content_type(),
object_id =,
key = self.field.key,
user = user,
if not user:
kwargs['ip_address'] = ip_address
use_cookies = (self.field.allow_anonymous and self.field.use_cookies)
if use_cookies:
defaults['cookie'] ='%Y%m%d%H%M%S%f') # -> md5_hexdigest?
# TODO: move 'vote-%d.%d.%s' to settings or something
cookie_name = 'vote-%d.%d.%s' % (kwargs['content_type'].pk, kwargs['object_id'], kwargs['key'][:6],) # -> md5_hexdigest?
cookie = cookies.get(cookie_name) # try to get existent cookie value
if not cookie:
kwargs['cookie__isnull'] = True
kwargs['cookie'] = cookie
rating, created = Vote.objects.get(**kwargs), False
except Vote.DoesNotExist:
if delete:
raise CannotDeleteVote("attempt to find and delete your vote for %s is failed" % (,))
num_votes = Vote.objects.filter(
if num_votes >= getattr(settings, 'RATINGS_VOTES_PER_IP', RATINGS_VOTES_PER_IP):
raise IPLimitReached()
if use_cookies:
# record with specified cookie was not found ...
cookie = defaults['cookie'] # ... thus we need to replace old cookie (if presented) with new one
kwargs.pop('cookie__isnull', '') # ... and remove 'cookie__isnull' (if presented) from .create()'s **kwargs
rating, created = Vote.objects.create(**kwargs), True
has_changed = False
if not created:
if self.field.can_change_vote:
has_changed = True
self.score -= rating.score
# you can delete your vote only if you have permission to change your vote
if not delete:
rating.score = score
self.votes -= 1
raise CannotChangeVote()
has_changed = True
self.votes += 1
if has_changed:
if not delete:
self.score += rating.score
if commit:
#setattr(self.instance,, Rating(score=self.score, votes=self.votes))
score, created = Score.objects.get_or_create(
defaults = dict(
score = self.score,
votes = self.votes,
if not created:
if (score.score != self.score or
score.votes != self.votes):
score.score = self.score
score.votes = self.votes
# return value
adds = {}
if use_cookies:
adds['cookie_name'] = cookie_name
adds['cookie'] = cookie
if delete:
adds['deleted'] = True
return adds
def delete(self, user, ip_address, cookies={}, commit=True):
return self.add(0, user, ip_address, cookies, commit)
def _get_votes(self, default=None):
return getattr(self.instance, self.votes_field_name, default)
def _set_votes(self, value):
return setattr(self.instance, self.votes_field_name, value)
votes = property(_get_votes, _set_votes)
def _get_score(self, default=None):
return getattr(self.instance, self.score_field_name, default)
def _set_score(self, value):
if value in self.field.types:
value = self.field.types[value]
return setattr(self.instance, self.score_field_name, value)
score = property(_get_score, _set_score)
def get_content_type(self):
if self.content_type is None:
self.content_type = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(self.instance)
return self.content_type
def _update(self, commit=False):
"""Forces an update of this rating (useful for when Vote objects are removed)."""
votes = Vote.objects.filter(
content_type = self.get_content_type(),
object_id =,
key = self.field.key,
obj_score = sum([v.score for v in votes])
obj_votes = len(votes)
score, created = Score.objects.get_or_create(
content_type = self.get_content_type(),
object_id =,
key = self.field.key,
defaults = dict(
score = obj_score,
votes = obj_votes,
if not created:
score.score = obj_score
score.votes = obj_votes
self.score = obj_score
self.votes = obj_votes
if commit:
class RatingCreator(object):
def __init__(self, field):
self.field = field
self.votes_field_name = "%s_votes" % (,)
self.score_field_name = "%s_score" % (,)
def __get__(self, instance, type=None):
if instance is None:
return self.field
#raise AttributeError('Can only be accessed via an instance.')
return RatingManager(instance, self.field)
def __set__(self, instance, value):
if isinstance(value, Rating):
setattr(instance, self.votes_field_name, value.votes)
setattr(instance, self.score_field_name, value.score)
raise TypeError("%s value must be a Rating instance, not '%r'" % (, value))
class RatingField(IntegerField):
A rating field contributes two columns to the model instead of the standard single column.
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
if 'choices' in kwargs:
raise TypeError("%s invalid attribute 'choices'" % (self.__class__.__name__,))
self.can_change_vote = kwargs.pop('can_change_vote', False)
self.allow_anonymous = kwargs.pop('allow_anonymous', False)
self.use_cookies = kwargs.pop('use_cookies', False)
self.allow_delete = kwargs.pop('allow_delete', False)
self.widget_template = kwargs.pop('widget_template', 'djangoratings/_rating.html')
self.weight = kwargs.pop('weight', 0)
self.range_lower = kwargs.pop('lower', 1)
self.range_upper = kwargs.pop('upper', None)
if self.range_upper is None:
self.range_upper = kwargs.pop('range', 2)
self.titles = kwargs.pop('titles', [])
self.values = kwargs.pop('values', range(self.range_lower, self.range_upper+1))
self.types = dict(zip(self.values, range(self.range_lower, self.range_upper+1)))
self.types[''] = 0
kwargs['editable'] = False
kwargs['default'] = 0
kwargs['blank'] = True
super(RatingField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def contribute_to_class(self, cls, name): = name
# Votes tally field
self.votes_field = PositiveIntegerField(
editable=False, default=0, blank=True)
cls.add_to_class("%s_votes" % (,), self.votes_field)
# Score sum field
self.score_field = IntegerField(
editable=False, default=0, blank=True)
cls.add_to_class("%s_score" % (,), self.score_field)
self.key = md5_hexdigest(
field = RatingCreator(self)
if not hasattr(cls, '_djangoratings'):
cls._djangoratings = []
setattr(cls, name, field)
def get_db_prep_save(self, value, connection=None):
# XXX: what happens here?
def get_db_prep_lookup(self, lookup_type, value, connection=None, prepared=False):
# TODO: hack in support for __score and __votes
# TODO: order_by on this field should use the weighted algorithm
raise NotImplementedError(self.get_db_prep_lookup)
# if lookup_type in ('score', 'votes'):
# lookup_type =
# return self.score_field.get_db_prep_lookup()
if lookup_type == 'exact':
return [self.get_db_prep_save(value, connection)]
elif lookup_type == 'in':
return [self.get_db_prep_save(v, connection) for v in value]
return super(RatingField, self).get_db_prep_lookup(lookup_type, value)
def formfield(self, **kwargs):
defaults = {'form_class': forms.RatingField}
return super(RatingField, self).formfield(**defaults)
# TODO: flatten_data method
class AnonymousRatingField(RatingField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['allow_anonymous'] = True
super(AnonymousRatingField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class VotingField(RatingField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['widget_template'] = kwargs.get('widget_template', 'djangoratings/_voting.html')
kwargs['lower'] = -1
kwargs['upper'] = 1
kwargs['titles'] = (_("Down"), _("Clear"), _("Up"))
kwargs['values'] = ('down', 'clear', 'up')
super(VotingField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class AnonymousVotingField(VotingField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['allow_anonymous'] = True
super(AnonymousVotingField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class FavoriteField(RatingField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['widget_template'] = kwargs.get('widget_template', 'djangoratings/_favorite.html')
kwargs['lower'] = 0
kwargs['upper'] = 1
kwargs['titles'] = (_("Clear"), _("Favorite"))
kwargs['values'] = ('clear', 'favorite')
super(FavoriteField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class AnonymousFavoriteField(FavoriteField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['allow_anonymous'] = True
super(AnonymousFavoriteField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class FlagField(RatingField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['widget_template'] = kwargs.get('widget_template', 'djangoratings/_flag.html')
kwargs['lower'] = 0
kwargs['upper'] = 1
kwargs['titles'] = (_("Clear"), _("Flag"))
kwargs['values'] = ('clear', 'flag')
super(FlagField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
class AnonymousFlagField(FlagField):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs['allow_anonymous'] = True
super(AnonymousFlagField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)