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Sass syntax does not compile to CSS #76

culebron opened this Issue · 12 comments

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I imitate a sass document like this:

    color: red + green

With ruby Sass it compiles to

a {
    color: #ff8000; }

Here is the shell output:

In [5]: c.compile('a\n\tcolor: red + green\n')
Out[5]: 'a\ncolor:#ff8000;\n'

Curly braces are missing.

I think either Sass should be not mentioned, or it should be fully supported. We spent a couple of hours trying to adapt this project instead of ruby Sass.


I'm confused about the level of support for Sass, as well. Some clarification in the docs would be much appreciated. In general, I think supporting Sass would be great, because it feels to me like a "pythonic" version of CSS.


The wierd thing is that sass syntax should be easier to parse than scss. +1 from me.


The readme really suggests that this project supports Sass... but it doesn't. +1.


Any planning for this issue?


I would rather see this project focus on becoming a really, really solid Scss-only compiler than add support for another syntax. Scss syntax should feel more "natural" to developers in my opinion since Scss can be thought of as an extension of CSS, and a model for how these features might look if they were added to the spec.


As far as I understand, the only difference would be in some minor parser related stuff. Anyway, I think that it should be mentioned in the docs that currently this project doesn't support SASS syntax.


SCSS is a blankie for devs who hate change. It's nice to have, but the syntax is not the language.

SASS is far more aligned with the goals of Python. An advanced, readable language that removes syntax cruft (see: braces) and adds shortcut syntax that makes development easier and faster (decorators, with).

To say that it is a matter of either solid feature support or SASS syntax support is a false dichotomy, because it's possible to do both. (The ruby project does both very successfully, even providing a conversion tool to go between the 3 syntaxes.)


I have nothing against SASS, but upward compatibility with CSS (that I can just start work with someone else's CSS) is way more important to me than surface syntax. In any case, it should be crystal clear what pyScss does and does not do.


@Kronuz, @eevee, it seems that currently the 1.1.x branch doesn't support SASS syntax.


    background: red

    margin: 3em


margin: 3em;

Do we need to make some kind activation?


I looked around a little more and discovered that, in fact, the SASS syntax parser works perfectly but the CLI parser stores false if '--sass' is given. I'm opening a new issue.


In that case, I'll close this ticket in favor of filing new ones for particular issues with SASS support.

@eevee eevee closed this
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