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QuLogic and others added some commits Mar 26, 2012

Fix some string formatting.
There's no guarantee that 'tokens' is a single value here, so it
needs to be wrapped in a tuple.
Fix join and append with a separator.
The separator is a text string signifying what to use, not the actual
separator itself.
Fix the 'append' function.
The append function, unlike join, always add a single item to the end
of the list, even if that new item is already a list.
Ensure _get_gradient_position_and_angle always returns an iterable.
That is, some dependent functions require being able to use 'in' on
the result, so returning just a NumberValue is not good.
Fix the reject function.
This function checks if each value in the list is 'not in' the
rejection list. However, the rejection parameter was never guaranteed
to be a list-type.
Fix the __compass-list function.
The dictionary in a ListValue class is in the value member, not
Temporarily fix mixins with quoted commas in default parameters.
I only say "temporarily", because quotes could be escaped, and then
there could be an odd number of them. This might need a real parser
Fix the 'compact' function.
It appears to only remove 'false', and no other false-like values.
Fix interpolation within strings.
If an interpolation occurred within a string and _dequote was false,
then the result would have extra quotes around it. Now, check for
strings, do an interpolation within, and then any interpolation outside.
Fix some gradient expansions.
The ListValue class constructor doesn't know how to handle a generator,
and tried converting it into a string, which just gives you the internal
Fix the @if statement.
Similar to the compact function, stuff should only be removed if it's
false, and not false-like.
Fix @for loop with reversed limits.
When the starting limit is greater than the end limit, the loop is
supposed to do nothing.
Promote single-quoted strings to double-quoted strings
- Currently StringValue.__str__ does not print strings with quotes,
  although the base class implementation does.

- Adding single quotes in StringValue.__str__ causes problems
  elsewhere, because StringValue objects are used for things other
  than quoted strings (the !important modifier, for example).

- It seems safer to use QuotedStringValue objects where we know the
  value needs to be a quoted string.

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