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A module that allow you to use a infinite map in a 2D game (hex / isomitric ...). Use Template for flexibilitie.
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Deprecated. Use instead


A module that allow you to use a infinite map in a 2D game, with auto load/free from file/network.

It use Template for flexibilitie.

The map is split in Area, and each area can be summery as a Tile[MAP_AREA_SIZE][MAP_AREA_SIZE].

You can change the Area size (MAP_AREA_SIZE)

Default: #define MAP_AREA_SIZE 8//2 4 8 16 32 64 128

You can change it in Area.hpp

Test on Ubuntu x32/x64.



T is a Tile class.


T is a tile class.

Allow you to display a map in a separate texture. Use RenderMap.draw(RenderTarget&) to display it in a window.


T is a tile class.

This is the class that you will use. Use the (int,int) operator to get the tile at this position (can be negative)


T is a tile class.

This class don't have to be use, but have to be custom (load/unload). It split the word into MAP_AREA_SIZE*MAP_AREA_SIZE zone, and allow you to load/unload this o the fly using AreaLoader/Manager.


This class delete the Areas that are not use since a timeout (120 sec is default) to free memory.

You don't have to use this class, it is use in Map.


This class load Area from file (see data/map/0,0 for exemple) or from network (TODO). You don't have to use it (use in Area constructor) but you can customize it to add your own file format.


It is the atomic unit af the map (a cell). You can make your own, but use Tile as base.


This class is just a regroupement of static config. You can modify this values as you want.


In this repertory you will find some datas for test (map files, and textures)


You have a "format" file that define the current file format to use to load Areu from file, and a empty file that just have defaujt coords.

The filename to use is "x,y" where x,x is the coords of a specefique area.

The format to use is like this:

  • #comment
  • x y VALUES

x,y is the tile coords in the current area.

VALUES is a pair:

  • type:value

Acctualy it suport:

  • tex:"texture_name.[png/jpg/...]"
  • tex:'texture_name.[png/jpg/...]'
  • tex:texture_name.[png/jpg/...]
  • obj:id (TODO)

tex define the texture to use on the tile. If texture can't be load, default.png is use. All the texture have to be put under cfg::Config::tex_path directory (texture name can contain subdirectory path).


Some textures for the tests.


see main.cpp

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