Backblaze B2 Storage from the Command Line
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This program provides command line access to Backblaze B2 cloud storage service.

It is currently an early work but is usable.


Ubuntu PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris.kruger+ubuntu/blazer
sudo apt-get update

Then one can install the blazer application.

sudo apt-get install blazer


brew tap KrugerHeavyIndustries/oss
brew install blazer

Setting Up

When you sign up with Backblaze you will be issued an account id and an application key. You will need to inform blazer of those details in order to use it. These details live in the blazer configuration file.

mkdir ~/.blazer
echo "accountId <YOUR_B2_ACCOUNT_ID>" > ~/.blazer/config
echo "applicationKey <YOUR_B2_APP_KEY>" >> ~/blazer/config

Basic Usage

blazer (help)
blazer create_bucket <bucketName>
blazer delete_bucket <bucketName>
blazer list_buckets
blazer update_bucket <bucketName> [allPublic | allPrivate]
blazer download_file_by_id <fileId> <localFileName>
blazer download_file_by_name <bucketName> <remoteFileName> <localFileName>
blazer delete_file_version <fileName> <fileId>
blazer get_file_info <fileId>
blazer hide_file <bucketName> <fileName>
blazer ls <bucketName>
blazer list_file_versions <bucketName> <fileName>
blazer upload_file [-t <contentType>] <bucketName> <localFilePath> <remoteFilePath>