Xamarin.Forms media volume control
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Xamarin.Forms media volume control

Build status

Read more about this custom Xamarin.Forms control at: https://c-sharx.net/forms-volumeslider

Allows changing the system's audio volume level. VolumeSlider view is implemented for iOS and Android and features:

  • Setting and getting the volume level
  • Listen to system initiated volume changes via the devices native interfaces (hardware keys, soft keys) and updates itself to the current volume level
  • Event based callback for volume level changes
  • Data bindable
  • Customizable colours and images

Find the Nuget package at: https://www.nuget.org/packages/VolumeSliderPlugin/

Thanks to James Montemagno (https://twitter.com/JamesMontemagno) for his blog post about CI/CD and multi target libs. Check it out at: https://montemagno.com/continuous-integration-delivery-for-net-libraries-with-vsts/