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A companion tool for when you travel into the planes.
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Darragh Van Tichelen
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This project is still in early development; multiple bugs or structure changes can and will happen

A companion tool for when you travel into the planes.

PlanarAlly is a web tool that adds virtual battlemaps with various extras to your D&D toolbox.

Some key features are:

Self hosting: You can run this software wherever you like without having to rely on an external service
Offline support: This tool can be used in a completely offline set-up for when you play D&D in a dark dungeon.

Simple layers: Organize your scenes in layers for easier management.
Infinite canvas: When a limited workspace is still nog enough!
Dynamic lighting: Increase your immersion by working with light and shadows.
Player vision: Limit vision to what your token(s) can see. Is your companion in a different room, no light for you!
Initiative tracker: Simple initiative tracker

This tool is provided free to use and is open source.


Typically only one person in your group should download and install PA, or even nobody if you use a publicly hosted version.

Releases of PlanarAlly can be found on the release page.

For more information on how to use/install PA, see the documentation.


User documentation can be found here.

This is still a work in progress, so some elements may still be undocumented or outdated.


If you want to contribute to this project, you can do so in a couple of ways.

If you simply have feedback, or found a bug, go to the issues tab above. First see if your feedback/bug/issue already exists and if not create a new issue!

If you want to contribute to the actual codebase, you can read more about how to setup a development environment in the CONTRIBUTING document.

Example view of a player with a light source Credits to Gogots for the background map used source

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