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Before using this application, please note that new insider preview builds (14279 or later) AND the Aniversery Update have rendered this program obsolete. Your best option at the moment is to simply wait to be upgraded, or upgrade as part of the Insider Program. Then use the built-in tool. If you really are SURE you know what you are doing:

Everyone should update to this latest version which fixes a bug which prevented the GUI from starting.

Does not work on Insider builds 14279 or later; we are working on a fix
You can check your build by running (win+r) "winver" and check there.

Checksum information

Name: Win10BGChanger1.2.1.zip
Size: 2657461 bytes (2 MB)

SHA256: 1DAB1648A2E83AD8A53FE194FA72B2C8E7058A4C64C96CDD6CBE3BB9C47A09FE

SHA1: 631E6F8D9645CCDB9EE8B87CAE1B3AE76AB5D93C

May 17, 2016
update for new build and my gh name change
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Merge pull request #212 from Toyz/master

Fixed a werid threading bug

@Krutonium Krutonium released this Aug 6, 2015 · 260 commits to master since this release

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Added Language Support (Translations)

Fixed Misc Bugs.

@Krutonium Krutonium released this Aug 2, 2015 · 348 commits to master since this release

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Please report any bugs, but otherwise, Enjoy!


@Krutonium Krutonium released this Jul 31, 2015 · 453 commits to master since this release

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Should be mostly functional, expect updates soon!

Please note that come antivirus vendors are marking this as a trojan, but this is not the case. I can assure you that this application from THIS source is clean.