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Parallel Builds Monitor

Parallel Builds Monitor Visual Studio Extension

For Visul Studio 2015 2017 2019

Git contents:

  • Plugin - contain Parallel Build Monitor extension to be installed in Visual Studio.
  • Example - contain some dummy project with irrelevant code just to test Parallel Build Monitor plugin.
  • Tests - unit tests for Plugin.
  • packages and TestResults - dynamically created directories during build or testing.

How to debug this project

Uninstall Parallel Build Monitor if installed

  • Open ParallelBuildsMonitor.sln
  • Open project properties
  • Go to Debug tab
  • Click Start External Program and browse for devenv.exe
  • In Command line arguments type /rootsuffix Exp
  • Start Debugging

Next Visual Studio will be open. ParallelBuildMonitor will be automatically added to it. If control is not visible open it from menu View->Other Windows->Parallel Builds Monitor. Be aware that debugged Visual Studio is open in experimental mode and some settings may be different from your current profile.

Tested on:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 
Version 15.9.3
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.7.03056
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