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KudProject Development


  1. kernel_manifest kernel_manifest Public

    Are we ready for causing mass hard bricks? Manifest configuration to all support repositories to build kernels on AOSP-sanctioned environment


  2. local_manifests local_manifests Public

    Manifests to support my custom configuration for building custom ROMs. While having many branches are intentional, there are chances that some replacements done here are undesired.

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  3. vendor_extra vendor_extra Public

    android-11.0 branch is on

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  4. kernel_msm-4.9 kernel_msm-4.9 Public template

    Reference and base work for QTI 4.9-based KudProject kernels; LA.UM.10.6.2.r1/LF.UM.8.6.2 with android-4.9-q merged in. "Use this template" instead of forking

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