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The interactive maps brick of the Contao GIS-kit con4gis.

The con4gis MapsBundle allows you to integrate maps into your application. There are many options for the look & feel of the map, as well as additional controls such as zoom controls, scalelines and many more. You can also integrate geospatial data from many different sources.

Main features include:

  • Add a map as content element or frontend module
  • Configure baselayer
    • OSM Mapnik (default)
    • OSM German
    • MapBox (Studio & Classic Styles)
    • HERE (6 Styles)
    • Thunderforest (9 Styles)
    • Klokan Technologies (OpenMapTiles & 8 MapTiler Styles)
    • Bing (3 Styles)
    • Mapz (7 Styles)
    • Stadia Maps with Stamen (8 Styles)
    • Layergroup (depending on zoom level)
    • Georeferenced image
    • Custom
    • other
      • WMS
  • configurate Overlays:
    • WMS
    • OpenWeatherMap
    • OpenSeaMap
    • Georeferenced image
    • Custom
  • configurate Interactions:
    • keyboard-navigation
      • pan (with arrow-keys)
      • zoom (with + and -)
    • mouse-navigation
      • drag pan
      • drag rotate (& zoom)
      • drag zoom
      • kinetic scrolling
      • mousewheel zoom
    • touch-navigation
      • pinch-rotate
      • pinch-zoom
    • cesium view
  • configurate Controls:
    • Starboard
      • baselayer switcher
      • layer switcher
      • define your own tabs to structure your content even better
      • switchable filter field
      • switchable select all button
      • optional structure tabs
    • Router
    • Editor
    • Measuretools (ways, areas, radius, freehand)
    • Editable attributions
    • Export map
    • Fullscreen
    • GeoSearch
      • jumps automatically to first result
      • optional result selection
      • limit search with specific search parameters
    • GeoPicker
    • Grid (Graticule)
    • MousePosition
    • OverviewMap
    • Permalink
    • Rotation
    • ScaleLine
    • Zoom-Panel
    • Zoom-Button for world, browser and initial position
    • Zoom-Level
    • ...
  • configurate Location types:
    • GeoJSON
    • GPX
    • KML
    • Single GEO coordinate (display as circle, star, square & more)
    • Other tables (pre-configured: events, members)
    • OSM files
    • OSM requests (Overpass API (XML and QL))
    • build structure from directory
    • ...
  • configurate Layouts:
    • default layout (sample)
    • BE layout manager (custom CSS styling)

Extendable with all other con4gis and Contao bundles
con4gis is not a connectable application. It's a collection of content elements for your website. So you can build your own individual and limitless web applications.



Via composer:

composer require con4gis/maps

Alternatively, you can use the Contao Manager to install the con4gis-MapsBundle.



Visit for a user documentation. You can also contact us via the support forum there.

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