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@coastforge-mei coastforge-mei released this Nov 11, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release


  • add custom props to elements
  • fixed detail redirect
  • added rel attribut
  • Remove call to undefined method
  • Fix response status code
  • Fix file upload type
  • Remove unneeded constructor declaration
  • Add helper functions to C4GMultiCheckboxField
  • Use StringUtil::deserialize() instead of unserialize()
  • Fix hiding and showing of field based on conditions in the frontend
  • Remove non-existent parameter from PHPDoc
  • Add C4GMultiColumnField
  • Change C4GMultiColumnField markup
  • Add multicolumn.js
  • Make C4GBrickDialogParams methods fluent
  • Fix resource path
  • Make setters fluent and add default values
  • Remove invalid html attributes
  • Add C4GMultiCheckboxField::showAsCsv
  • Fix dialog params withLabels and withDescriptions
  • Add missing parent constructor
  • Switch to modern array declaration
  • Remove KeyFields from list
  • Fix C4GLinkButtonField::getTargetPageUrl() signature
  • Omit baselayer in link of C4GMapLinkButtonField unless set
  • Rework C4GLinkField
  • Add option to open link in new tab for C4GLinkField
  • Fix C4GMapLinkButtonField::setLatitudeColumn() return type
  • Add option to note encode html entities for text fields
  • Add frontend full text search
  • Hide or show parent div in minisearch.js instead of list element
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