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I'm a developer since 1999, interested by :

  • software quality : VCSs, code review, testing, continuous integration,
  • productivity : agile methods, lean management, pragmatic approaches,
  • user centric design.

I've been working on a great diversity of projects : I started off by developing Playstation and Game Boy Advance video games for Disney Interactive, then I moved on to extranet for big companies (Renault Trucks, Bayer, Europcar) and online shopping site (, Then, after working for a long time on medical softwares and their REST API at PMSIpilot, I was hired by a web agency in order to initiate a turn towards agile methods.

Lately I have been closely taking part in the implementation of the second screen package for the M6 Group channels and I helped a french startup to raise 1M€ in funding by creating a scalable platform architecture.


web : PHP Symfony Silex MySql Parse Redis RabbitMQ

env : Git Vagrant Ansible Bash Linux

process : Automation Testing Continuous Integration Webperf Scrum Internal blog

mobile : Swift Xcode fastlane Google Cloud Messaging

and also but older : C# SqlServer Java SVN C++ real time 3D

Open source side-projects

  • Crew : code review tool for Git projects,
  • Babitch : manage table soccer scores with API,
  • GitHub Enterprise Archive : archive and graph your Github Enterprise timeline,
  • Gitboard : CLI dashboard for a quick overview of Git projects,
  • Baseboard : dashboard for Basecamp projects, with Hudson/Jenkins support.
  • Octoboard : GitHub activity dashboard built for the GitHub Data Challenge (came in first place),
  • MaPac : répartition des aides perçues au titre de la PAC, en France,
  • Coconut CI : continuous integration service (before it was trendy :).
Chrome extension (completely useless)


  • Developer, 2016 - now @ Wizaplace,
  • Co-founder, 2016 - now @ Apseeder,
  • R&D team manager, 2015 @ Xotelia
  • Lead developer, 2013 - 2014 @ Team Cytron, M6 Web
  • Lead developer & Scrum evangelist, 2012 @ C2iS
  • R&D team manager, 2009 - 2011 @ Team Fusion, PMSIpilot
  • Web developer, 2005 - 2008 @ C2iS &
  • CTO and co-founder, 2004 @ Point Cube
  • Video games lead developer, 2000 - 2003 @ Doki Denki Studio
  • Video games developer, 1999 @ Etranges Libellules




Michael Jordan.

Feel free to add an issue if you think something is missing ;-)