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gopost is a tool to make posts to several social networks at once and also generates a web html snippet to embed in your (static) website.

The use cases are:

  • Generate some HTML snippet (or markdown, or what ever) to embed it in a website (or for logging reasons), and
  • To post to several social media services at once, either
    • interactive with direct user input, or
    • automatically when a new note is created on a (personal) website.

This is work in progress, currently Mastodon toots and file snippets are working.


gopost [options] < text2post > websnippet

**gopost** takes the text to post from ```stdin``` and sends the websnippet to ```stdout```.
(Error) messages are send to ```stderr```.

    	Post message to mastodon
    	Output of message as microformat minimal note to stdout (default true)
    	testing, no external call to social networks
    	Post message to twitter
    	verbose output


For the use of mastodon the madonctl has to be installed and configured.


GPL something


The following non standard Libraries are used:


Primary Goal

On the first hand the idea was to have tool to post simple text messages to different social networks at once and also offer an export this message in a way to respect the principles of the IndieWeb. I also like the idea to have an universal tool without dependencies, that can be used as a frontend to post things, as well as having this integrated into a build process for (static) websites.

Further improvements

A list of improvements, going further than the todos in the source code.

  • Sending Pictures
  • not just sending simple messages (aka notes in IndieWeb terminology), but more complex messages respectively blog-posts. An abstract could be used to send as short notes to twitter and alike services.


The initial release was developed on the IndieWebCamp 2018 and is mentioned here.