Beautiful Input components for React Native... <IconicTextbox/> and much more!
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Iconic Input

A library with Beautiful React Native Input components...

Make proffessional looking forms in React Native


Yet, there is just one input component. Many more to come.


  • Step 1: Install with npm or yarn
$ npm i iconic-input --save

----- OR -----

$ yarn add iconic-input
  • Step 2: Import components from iconic-input
import * as iconicInput from 'iconic-input'

Development and Contribution

Currently, it just has one Component as illustrated. Later, more input components and their iconic designs will be added.

This repository accepts all types of added innovation. It is open source. If you want to contribute to this project, just fork this project and drop a pull request.


Why the fuck does an open source software need any license? Well, This repo is GPL licensed for no better reason.