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GitHub monorepo that runs my personal website. #OpenSource
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Kumar Abhirup

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Open Sourced

Hosted for Kumar Abhirup on

📦 Setup

🖥️ Development environment

  • Run
$ git clone # to clone project
$ cd personal-website # enter in the project
$ yarn # install modules
$ yarn dev # run development server
  • Rename packages/web/.env.example and packages/backend/.env.example to .env.

  • Visit http://localhost:3001/

⚒️ Linting

In VSCode

  • Install ESLint and Prettier VSCode extensions.
  • Done! Now you have live linting and autofixing setup!

In Any other IDE

  • Run yarn lint to check for linting errors.
  • Run yarn lint:fix to fix the linting errors.

🦄 Info

  • The Lerna monorepo setup was put up by Harshit Pant.
  • To customize the linter, use .eslintrc and .prettierrc file. Learn more

📝 License

MIT - Source code by Kumar Abhirup

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