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Open APC Sweden - documentation

Open APC Sweden is a pilot project initiated by the National Library of Sweden together with Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) in order to investigate the possibilities of establishing an open open access publication cost system.

In order to establish Open APC Sweden there is a great need for a concerted effort by stakeholders. The current project aims to keep the Swedish HEI sector informed about ways in which to monitor the total cost of publication, which includes the collection of APCs.

The aim of the Open APC Sweden repository is to:

  • release datasets on fees paid for open access journal articles by the Swedish HEI sector

  • demonstrate how reporting on fee-based open access publishing can be made more transparent and reproducible across institutions. This is an important aspect in the preparation for a transition from a subscription-based market to an open access publishing infrastructure

  • establish a valid empirical foundation which can only be realised by standardised reporting on APC costs

  • meet the demands from stakeholders who need a valid database to be able to monitor and evaluate open access funding policies or transformation strategies: HEI, government, library consortia, research and funding organisations

  • establish workflows for a transparent and efficient handling of APC costs

  • facilitate open access analytics, eg. oa-funding, time of payment, paying agency

  • enable the organisation of fee-based open access publishing in an efficient and sustainable way

  • learn about the market for APCs and the development of both full open access journals and hybrid journals

  • model different APC offsetting schemes which have been developed for negotiations with publishers

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