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Export org-brain to other formats
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Experimental package dealing with exporting org-brain to other formats. VERY EARLY development.

Setup and requirements

Add org-brain-export.el to your load-path and require it. You must also have the following packages installed (available from MELPA):

  • a
  • xmlgen
  • org-brain

Export targets

At the moment there’s some support for HTML export and GraphViz dot export.


M-x org-brain-export-htmlExports whole brain to HTML, saved at org-brain-export-html-file.

Graphviz dot

M-x org-brain-export-dotExport whole brain to dot format.
M-x org-brain-export-dot-entryExport current entry to dot. Respects descendants/ancestors in mind-map mode.


The function org-brain-export-generate-data takes an org-brain entry and returns an alist. That alist contains much of the relevant information you’ll need regarding the entry. At the moment resources aren’t included.


  • Export a part of the brain
    • This has been done for GraphViz. Not with HTML yet.
  • CSS and maybe JS for HTML export.
  • Edge annotations in dot export.
  • More testing
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